The Real Power of A.I. in Education Domain

Power of A.I. in Education Domain

You must have heard a lot about A.I. and its significance. This article covers one of the major application areas of A.I., and that is the Education Sector. 

Table of Contents 

  • Introduction 
  • How A.I. Transforms the Learning Experience 
  • Concluding Lines 


Artificial Intelligence(A.I.) and Machine Learning(ML) are altering education tools and institutions and improving what the future might look like in the education domain. 

Artificial Intelligence can be defined as a branch of computer science studying machines with an aim to stimulate human intelligence methods.

While we may not have noticed humanoid robots acting as professors, there are numerous projects in progress that use computer intelligence to help students as well as teachers to get more out of the educational practice. Artificial Intelligence Market in the U.S. Education Sector survey reports that A.I. in U.S. education is expected to grow by around 47.5 percent from 2017 to the year 2021.

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How A.I. Transforms the Learning Experience 

A.I. has the ability to transform the way the traditional educational system works, increase organization productivity, and encourage teachers and students of all abilities. Let’s delve deeper and explore the use-cases of A.I. in this particular domain. 

Personalize Education

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) assists in determining what a student knows and does not know. Based on this information, technology helps in creating a tailored study schedule for each learner that takes into account knowledge gaps. 

As A.I. is getting more advanced with each passing day more, it might be possible for a machine to read the expression on a student’s face and identify that they are grappling to grasp a topic. 

Automate Basic Activities in Education

The education system is full of tedious work, like, for instance, grading homework and tests for extensive lecture courses. Although A.I. technology may not ever be able to eradicate human activities completely, it can offer efficient solutions such as automated grading and others. Automating such tiresome tasks can help teachers focus more on in-class activities and student interaction.

A.I. helps teachers make room for something more crucial such as concentrating on self-education and enhancing the quality of the lessons.

In short, A.I. has the ability to empower teachers to spend more quality time with their learners.

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Intelligent Teaching Assistants

There is no denying the fact that the education systems are seeing a shortage of educators and other educational resources. As per U.N. estimates, approximately 69 million teachers will be required to achieve 2030 sustainable education goals. A.I. won’t only benefit professors and teachers but will also help learners by offering intelligent teaching assistants. Such assistants will allow scholars to access guidance whenever they need it without soaking up valuable teacher time. Thus, in this way, the AI-based tool could help create a better world where more learners have access to a high-quality, skills-focused education.

Apart from all, technology offers the opportunity and options for students that are unable to attend school due to varying reasons. 

Apart from all, students may stop being embarrassed by asking for assistance in front of their peers by using AI-powered chatbots or A.I. virtual personal assistants. A.I. can help students by offering: 

  • 24/7 access To learning
  • Better engagement
  • Less pressure

Concluding Lines 

AI is not new. A.I. in education is already here, even before the pandemic. Some educational institutions in Australia are already using A.I. tools to help improve learning outcomes for their trainees. Moreover, various tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, and other companies are experimenting with approaches to engage students and improve learning results with the help of this futuristic technology. Also, 

EdTech startups are springing up and innovating A.I. education solutions, pointing that there is a growing realization globally that technology is driving findings in the education domain. 

The implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning in education may be a little slower than in other fields, but the developments are still underway and will continue.

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