Top 10 Countries Ruling The World in AI

In the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin, “Artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia but for all of humankind.”


Artificial Intelligence’s future will change each and every aspect of life. All the developed, developing, and under-developed countries are focusing on adopting AI for better futuristic opportunities. Artificial Intelligence (AI) carries the power to recognize faces, deliver better online outcomes, run autonomous cars, and strengthen business in various industries. The scope of AI is in automation and digitalization, and these have had a radical effect on international structures and systems, thanks to the AI superpowers. Considering that the AI technology is still in its infancy, every new development will only deepen the effects. The question here is:

Which are the countries which will lead, and which are the ones that will follow?


Let us now analyze this list of top 10 countries that lead the AI to rush across the globe.

1. India


Indians are considered to have profound expertise when it comes to the field of software and artificial intelligence. In Silicon Valley, California, which is home to many startups and global technology companies, more than 20-30% of the startups are managed by Indians and India is investing a considerable amount of money in the field of artificial intelligence. In 2017, India received $100 million of FDI from AI companies. As per news reports, a student of IISc Bangalore has developed software to help identify fake news which will greatly impact the future because nowadays, fake news is spreading to a great extent in social media and this software can help deal with that. India is a country that has the potential to perform well in the field of artificial intelligence.

2. France


France plays a major role in the field of science and innovation. France also invests in the field of artificial intelligence. There are many industries in France that are slowly shifting towards artificial intelligence and automation. In 2017, after the UK and Germany, France was the third country to receive the highest number of FDI in their AI startups. The France government also cooperates with private players to increase automation in the country. France focuses on solving the problem of the environment through artificial intelligence. Considering these factors, it is clear that France will be one of the countries leading the world in artificial intelligence.

3. United Kingdom


As we all know, the first industrial revolution started in the United Kingdom, and they were controlling 20-30% of the area of this world. In the European continent, the UK is the clear leader with 121 AI-empowered firms. In 2017, tech companies in the UK raised private investment sum of $8.6 billion in 2017. This amounts to almost 38 percent of the entire venture capital investment done in the United Kingdom that year. In the same year, the UK government also announced the $78 million funding to support robotics and AI companies and research projects.

4. Russia


As predicted by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the AI leader will rule the world. Russia annually invests $12.5 million on AI. The real robustness of Russia in AI comes from the confined participation of the government in private and public AI engagements. Many AI demonstrations of the country are of a military nature. The best examples are automated artillery and AI-empowered fighter jets.

5. Germany


Germany is a country which is renowned for its clockwork efficiency and sufficiently versed technical know-how. Germany blends traditions with technological innovations. Germany is self-assured to possess leadership in autonomous vehicles, robotics, and quantum computing. The Cyber Valley of Germany is luring a lot of international investment and interest. Cyber Valley is one of the largest cooperations in Europe with partners from industry and science in the AI domain. Cyber Valley enables an exchange by bringing everyone together.

6. Japan


Japan is the most developed country in Asia with an education system which is the best in the world, and their literacy rate is above 95%. Japanese are leading the world in artificial intelligence. The Japanese government plans to become fully integrated with artificial intelligence until 2030 as the population of Japan is slowly aging, as Japan has become the world’s most aged country and its average age is 45. The Japanese government wants AI and robots to replace humans. Japan has already started working on it and is already way ahead when compared to other countries. Japan is all set to lead AI in the future too, as the average of Japan in 2060 will be 65 years.

7. China


Until not too long ago, China was considered as a manufacturing country, but now, AI is another area which the Chinese consider being of utmost importance. As per news reports, China has published more than 41,000 papers on AI between 2011 and 2015, which is almost twice as much as the US number. The Chinese government strongly stands behind AI adoption. In 2017, China announced its intention to transform into “a principal world center of artificial intelligence innovation” by 2030. From e-commerce to search engines to self-driving cars, AI will play a fundamental role in their success.

8. South Korea


It is one of the most developed countries in Asia. Their education system is the best in the world and their literacy rate is above 95%. Samsung already leads the world in electronics and South Koreans come after Japan and China in producing robots and AI-based gadgets. There are many startups and private companies working in the field of AI. South Koreans are smart in the field of innovation and science.

9. Singapore


Singapore is ⅔ the size of New York. Singapore is one of the most developed and richest countries in Asia. It has the best education system in the world and has a literacy rate of 97%. The government is trying to integrate the country fully with robotics and artificial intelligence. They have started using AI in farming. Farming is done indoors, and they use AI for the same. Singapore is a real inspiration for the whole world as this country which doesn’t have enough land and enough resources is putting it to the best use and is way ahead in comparison with other countries such as the UK or US.

10. Sweden


According to a recent survey conducted in Sweden, 80 percent of residents are positive about robots and AI. This means that it would not be difficult for this country to replace human workers with AI. Those well-versed in AI and technology are more likely to extend their support for automation expansion among the many industries flourishing in Sweden. The Swedish Union and workers are also giving a green signal to AI as they strongly believe that it will enhance human skills and gain a competitive advantage in the global market.




AI superpowers are not just improving society and developing strong economies. AI can be used as a powerful military weapon to shift the global balance of power and give rise to new industries. If we experience exponential growth in AI capabilities, we must hope that AI is leveraged to create a united and strong world. So, if you have a tremendous passion for AI and wish to learn more about it, visit