How Augmented Reality Will Affect Digital Marketing?

When Pokemon-Go was launched, everyone was out on the streets trying to play the game. It took the market by surprise and the technology was simply worth experiencing. This was all possible through the power of augmented reality. Now, imagine using a technology like this in digital marketing?

Today, marketers are stressing over the fact that their marketing efforts are not generating enough revenue. Even with increased efforts, people still block ads and ROI decreases. Augmented reality is one technology that can up-step your marketing game and help you achieve higher conversions than ever. Here’s how!

Augmented Reality in Marketing

Last year, on Chinese New Year, Coca-Cola used augmented reality in its ad campaign and we can’t watch the ad enough times. In only 2 weeks, 6.6 million users watched the ad that contains AR animations.


No doubt, AR advertisement spending increased to USD 12.8 billion in 2017.

Augmented reality has the power to improve your user experience and deliver value that other marketing strategies can’t. Let’s see how you can leverage the power of AR for your organizational growth and productivity.

1. Improve User Engagement

Utilizing AR in your marketing efforts alone helps in creating awareness around your brand. You can end up giving the right exposure to your business along with engaging a lot of new customers.

For example IKEA, we simply love shopping from IKEA because of the unique and innovative products it offers. If you want to give your home a creative look, IKEA is your place. However, don’t we all hesitate before buying furniture wondering if it may go with our place?

IKEA found a perfect solution to this by designing an AR app which allows its users to virtually place the furniture in their space. This helps customers to analyze how their place will look with a specific piece of furniture.

2. Enhanced Brand Value

A study revealed that 40% of shoppers are even willing to pay extra for a brand that provides AR experience. In the same study, 61% of respondents accepted that they would rather visit a store that provides AR experience than the one that doesn’t.

More and more users are now accepting this technology because it offers convenience and enhanced experience.

Back in 2012, even Starbucks used AR technology. Starbucks offered coffee in cups that turned in live valentine cards. The users utilized the AR Starbucks app to scan the cup and experience the life-like version of the design.


AR technology gives you the power to showcase your key features to your users. It is amazing how you can engage your users and create endless opportunities with ease today. Your customers, on the other hand, would connect with your brand name in a better manner.

Hence, start planning your AR strategy, make a video to catch on those impulse shoppers, and increase your users base.


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