How Cosmetic Brands Use Augmented Reality To Boost Sales?

From AR sets to browsers and videos, every industry today is utilizing augmented reality. We all loved playing Pokemon Go and using IKEA’s AR-enabled app for redecorating our homes. But, can augmented reality help boost the sales of cosmetic brands?

If yes, then how?

Let’s find out!

The Story of Sephora

Sephora is a leading beauty brand that truly transformed the application of augmented reality in beauty and cosmetics. They collaborated with ModiFace to help their users see how cosmetics will look their face. The app can simulate a given cosmetic product on the photo containing the face of the user.

This augment reality empowered technology was first introduced back in 2014 which aimed to simulate cosmetics on the face of the users. All in real-time without even uploading an image! Now, this technology by ModiFace is being used in various in-store kiosks where users can utilize the camera, touch screen monitors, and even the mobile app. The company believes that although 2D tech try-on is pretty amazing and we can see its application everywhere, 3D try-on is simply the starting of a new era.

The company further explains that try-on in 2D works in most cases and gives users an idea of what they want to know. For instance, try a pair of specs after uploading an image in the mobile app. However, retail just doesn’t buy this strategy. In retail, 3D seems to fit perfectly fine.

How Sephora Augmented Reality Implementation Works?

Sephora’s interface precisely checks the features of your face and then applies cosmetics directly from the video obtained from the camera. This gives customers a chance to try various products and see how it will look on them. For instance, eyeshadow is tricky business for women. But, with Sephora, they have the ability to try it on first and then buy it.


Other Try-On Technologies

Another famous cosmetic brand Bobby Brown worked with Blippar to make an artistic augmented reality platform. Using this technology, the users can scan a picture and the platform will give them various options to choose from. These call-to-actions can be directly clicked to purchase a product. Till now, the most popular has been dramatic smoky eye makeup.

Maybelline, a popular makeup brand also launched an AR campaign by allowing its users to test and try nail paint colors virtually.

The Emergence of AR Magazine

DOBI is a known beauty brand in Switzerland which has over 12,000 products. The brand launches a magazine every month and users can utilize their AR application to see the interactive content in the magazine. This move has increased the sales of the brand to a great extent.



Technologies such as augmented reality are now transforming the world. The DOBI brand implementation and Sephora platform are simply, impeccably mind-blowing. If you closely watch DOBI video, you will realize that the magazine also has some instances where the user can scan and watch a video. You can scan the magazine to directly click on the cart button for purchasing a product. On the other hand, Sephora tells you how you will look with a particular eyeshadow on. You don’t have to imagine it anymore because now you can try it.