Top 5 Virtual And Augmented Reality Trends In 2019

The two technologies that have progressed more than even in the last decade is virtual reality and augmented reality. The wave started with Pokemon Go and Facebook 360-degree videos and suddenly, everyone knew about this new technological advancement. Since then, the evolvement has never stopped. It has entered every industry imaginable, whether we talk about AR and VR in manufacturing or healthcare. Doctors are using VR to enhance surgical conditions and manufacturers are using VR and AR to accelerate processing.

Let’s dive in a little deeper and explore the upcoming trends of AR and VR in 2019.

Understanding Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality though sounds similar to virtual reality, it is a lot different. Remember Pokemon Go? That was augmented reality. IKEA has an app which allows you to place furniture items in your home virtually before you purchase it. All this is achieved with the help of augmented reality.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a 3-dimensional simulation of computer-generated environment. Through virtual reality, you can travel places and experience different situations just with the use of a headset. You only have to wear a headset and travel to a new world through the power of technology.

VR And AR Trends

1. AR Campaigns

Augmented reality campaigns will take rise in 2019. We already know some businesses are utilizing this technology to the fullest. You can flip open a magazine and use the app to unravel its AR magic. Sometimes, an app would allow you to see the object on your table. At other times, you may be able to view real-estate details on your desk through your phone. All this is possible with AR kits and tools that businesses can utilize to enhance user experience.

Who wouldn’t want to purchase a magazine that comes to life?

2. Social AR

In 2019, AR will finally step in the social media world. Although it was there earlier too, this year we will see a lot of AR modifications on social media. For instance, clicking pictures with an augmented environment and posting it is extremely popular today. How can we forget the disruption Snapchat created when it first launched its filters? Then, Facebook and Instagram followed.

Needless to say, we have AR filters in Huawei smartphones as well as Apple iPhones.

3. AR Manufacturing

AR in manufacturing is certainly the most useful application of augmented reality. Whenever an employee wants to repair something, he can simply use AR simulation to see how the end-product will look. Further, in a manufacturing unit, employees can use AR simulations for streamlining product aisles and maintaining data of the warehouse.

4. AR In Healthcare

Imagine how great would be telemedication? Doctors would be able to examine patients from a remote location, providing expert guidance throughout the time. Additionally, monitoring patients on duty when Doctors have other patients to look after is the best possible application of AR, which can enhance healthcare.

5. VR Training

Virtual reality training has the power to enhance business functioning. Using the power of VR, HR managers can train employees for a certain situation. For instance, a supermarket owner can use VR to get acquainted with peak season situations. This would allow the managers to help the employees adjust in a better manner.


Virtual reality and augmented reality are one of the few technological advancements that can empower us to change the way we function in the workplace. From improving the manufacturing unit working to allowing healthcare doctors to monitor patients remotely, everything can be enhanced. Hence, this year tap into the power of augmented and virtual reality to unleash a new world of opportunities.