How Big Data Aids In Driving Organic Search Engine Traffic?

To generate consistent organic SEO traffic on your website, you need to employ a working system, not a makeshift approach.

A half-baked strategy with fractured methods of execution can only yield meager results. This makes us run after paid search traffic and lose a lot of dollar in the process.

Who wants to spend a lot on search engine traffic? Certainly, we don’t and nobody would

We would rather prefer generating organic traffic through legit SEO techniques and the use of big data.

Hence, in this article, we have explained how you can increase the organic traffic of your website through big data and the power of analytics.

Overview of Big Data

Before we explore the facets of big data and organic search engine traffic, let’s understand what is big data.

Generally speaking, big data accounts to the huge amounts of data that flows into your organization every day. This data can be utilized to analyze various aspects of online traffic and reach a fruitful business decision. No doubt big data has become an integral part of decision making in past years. It influences how you attract, interact, and engage your audience. Of course, it impacts your search engine as well, let’s see how.

How It Helps in Generating Organic Traffic?


Thankfully, Google and other major search engines are so concerned about delivering quality information that they have made it easier for marketers to find insights related to user preferences. You can find out what your users want, how they interact with data, and what type of content they like.

The most simplest SEO insight is that many common users would rather read a 400-word article than a 2000-word blog.

Similarly, you can analyze keywords best for your organization, backlinks, and other necessary information needed to optimize your search engine.

Content as Data

Content is the information that we publish online, isn’t it?

Since Google emerged as the biggest spokesperson of big data, it started taking every content piece as quantifiable entities. Search engines are analyzing data and looking forward to providing answers. If you write good, valuable content, you would be able to reach out to more customers.

Custom Analytics

For every SEO person or digital marketer, the end-goal of SEO is to get more traffic and generate more clicks. To achieve that, we have so many tools available such as Google Search Console. Using these analytics, you can find out the value of your content in a large landscape. You can analyze the clicks on your content, conversions, backlinks, time on page, etc.

Knowing these statistics simply allow marketers to make modifications and improve their search results.

Social Media Data

Social media is a true treasure-trove of data. Here, you would find so many users and much more traffic that you can divert towards your website. Of course, search engines don’t ignore the fact that trillions of amount of data come from social websites.

You need a solid, optimized, and valuable presence across various popular social media channels. This will help you improve your ranking.


Big data has so much potential. It can tell you how your website is performing and how your content is performing. Having all this information can help you make modifications and improve your results. No one said that you have to pay to earn search engine ranking. You can organically attract traffic with the right tools and tricks.

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