Is Studying Python The Right Career Choice for You?

Python is one of the most popular languages which we see everywhere. Hence, many freshers and new college students wonder whether they should learn it or skip it.

Python has many conventional features of several programming languages such as C, C++, and Java. Undoubtedly, it is growing fast and increasing the scope for future growth in this field.

So, in this article, we will discuss why Python can make the right choice for your career growth.

Why Is Python Popular?

Python has gained its name in the industry due to various reasons. We have explained some of the reasons below:

  • It has multiple programming paradigms such as functional, object-oriented, procedural, imperative, etc.


  • The toolset and library of Python are huge. You can utilize built-in functions, several file formats, GUI tools, custom interpreters, SciPy, data compression, multimedia services, etc.
  • Python has a very vast, vocal community that will give you a solution for everything. Here, you may also end up finding new ideas.
  • Compared to many other languages, code readability of Python is simply amazing. For example, instead of curly brackets, it utilizes whitespace indentation.
  • Python reduces the efforts that developers have to put in to write the code as you have to write fewer lines compared to other languages.


Future Scope of Python

Python is used for application development, website development, games development, system administration, etc. However, its future use will be seen in many next-gen technologies.

  • Python is one of the most used languages in artificial intelligence. Several Python libraries, frameworks, and concepts are utilized to achieve efficiency and accuracy in AI models. This branch automatically justifies the use of Python in machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing, etc.


  • Python has actively contributed to the growth of big data. This language has helped in the analysis of clusters of data through its libraries and toolkits.


  • Python is also used in networking automation. It is widely utilized to write, read, and configure switches, routers, etc. All these tasks are cost-effectively accomplished in a secure manner.


Organizations Using Python

Many big brand names use Python for many of their major applications and functions.

  • NASA uses the Workflow Automation System which is developed and written in Python.
  • Google uses Python for APIs and internal system to achieve A/Q, testing, log analysis, and report generation.
  • Walt Disney uses Python for its feature animation. It is used for scripting of most of the animation tasks.

Many other big organizations use Python for applications utilized on a daily basis such as IBM, Nokia, Yahoo, etc.

Career Opportunities

Python is already the favorite programming language of developers. It has reached this position after beating C, C++, and Java. You can develop any kind of application using this language.

It is evident that Python is not going anywhere anytime soon. We are going to see many more Python related applications in the coming years. Of course, with this, career opportunities and growth will also increase. You only need to acquire the right Python skills to achieve career growth.


Python is definitely the right career for many people. If you have an interest in the field, there is no reason to stay away from it. Once you know the basics of Python, no one can stop you from achieving career growth.

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