Must-Have Skills for a Career in Big Data

Big Data is heavily disrupting the technology industry as we move into the third decade of the twenty-first century. The data sciences and big data technologies are managing organizations to make their choices; thus, the demand for Big Data skills has risen. Now, it is no longer a buzzword as it has hit the mainstream in every industry. Big Data tools and technologies have also grown enormously. Big data is the answer to the real-time analysis and usage of data. The professionals can pursue their big data career by learning and gaining experience with the top big data skills. Start learning and earn a Big Data Certification to improve your Big Data skills and get a bright career in Big Data!


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 Let’s immerse ourselves deep into the world of big data!


Big Data: One of the most sought after fields in the market


Data Science, Data Analytics, and of course, Big Data is now trending big time in the current job market. People talk about ‘data’ wherever you see. There are scores of websites that generate information and data every second. These could include social media, logs from Sensex, logs from online activity, etc. This data is produced at a very high rate, and the extraction of information from the substantial data sets becomes essential. Organizations today often face an urgent need to collect and store this data so that nothing is missing.

It’s often the fact that data correct and efficient use can prove a competitive edge for today’s companies. They want to analyze and utilize this data for organizational-level strategy building, cost-cutting, and decision-making.

This is where big data professionals such as data scientists, data engineers, data analysts, etc. come in. According to a forecast, big data experts predict that the big data market is set to be worth USD 46 billion by the completion of this year. This market is expected to grow annually between 2014 and 2020 by 23 percent. Big data career is becoming equally important, with the growing need for work in big data. Therefore, vast training in the workforce is needed to become an expert on these technologies. The organizations are looking for employees who can work on these technologies to manage and analyze the data effectively.

Top Big Data Skills in Huge Demand

Today the Big Data world is continually changing with more innovations taking place every day. Some special Big Data skills can help you greatly to land those lucrative jobs.

Apache Hadoop:

Apache Hadoop’s development has grown enormously in the last few years. These days Hadoop components such as Hive, Pig, HDFS, HBase, MapReduce, etc. are in high demand. Though Hadoop has now entered its second decade, it has grown in popularity from the last 3-4 years. Many software enterprises very commonly use Hadoop clusters. You can enroll in big data Hadoop training or big data Hadoop certification training.


NoSQL databases such as Couchbase, MongoDB, etc. replace the traditional SQL databases such as DB2, Oracle, etc. These distributed NoSQL databases help to meet the storage and access requirements for big data. That complements Hadoop ‘s expertise with its ability to crunch data. NoSQL-expert professionals can find opportunities everywhere.

Data Visualization:

Data visualization tools such as QlikView and Tableau can help the analytics tools understand the analysis. The complex big data technologies and processes that are being carried out are hard to grasp, and this is where the professional role comes into the picture. A well-versed professional with data visualization tools can get a chance to grow with the big organizations in their career.

Machine Learning:

Machine Learning and Data Mining are the two hot big data fields. Though the big data landscape is vast, these two contribute significantly to the field. There is a scarcity of professionals who can use machine learning for predictive and prescriptive analysis. These areas can help with the development of recommendations, classification, and customization systems. Professionals with data mining and machine learning knowledge also get heavily paid.

Apache Spark:

Spark acts as an alternative to complex technology like MapReduce, simpler, and quicker. With or without the Hadoop framework, it has become trendy lately. Many organizations embrace technology and are, therefore, looking for people with Spark skills. The rise of Spark’s stack in memory has also made Spark a highly paying job.

Quantitative Analysis:

As it is all about numbers, quantitative and statistical analysis is an essential part of big data. The background helps much in statistics and mathematics. The knowledge of such tools as SAS, SPSS, R, etc. also adds to your skills. Therefore, the industry required large numbers of professionals with a quantitative background.

Programming Languages:

Some general-purpose programming languages can significantly help you gain a competitive edge over others. The programming languages cover Java, Python, C, Scala, etc. Even those programmers with data analytics experience are in high demand.

Data Mining:

In today’s world of IT, data mining has reached new heights. The professionals who carry the experience of the tools and technologies in data mining demand big data jobs. Data mining tools such as Rapid Miner, Apache Mahout, and KNIME are among the most demanded data mining skills.

Problem Solving:

Even if you bear the knowledge of all Big Data tools and technologies, the problem-solving and creative ability will help you perform your tasks well. Implementation of Big Data systems for efficient solutions in a professional will require both of these qualities.


SQL is the data-centric language that functions as a basis for the big data era. Structured Query Language knowledge will necessarily be an added advantage for programmers while working on big-data technologies such as NoSQL. It is an integral part of the warehouses of Hadoop Scala too.


Big data skills are in enormous demand and will remain for a long time. It needs the right roadmap to develop your big data skills that can boost your big data career. There are specific techniques and business skills that you need to build for venturing into a big data career. Like problem-solving techniques, theoretical knowledge, hands-on implementation.