Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Big Data Hadoop Training

Are you looking for big data hadoop certification but don’t know where to start? This article provides an overview of these advanced technologies and the compelling reasons why you should enroll yourself.


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  • Overview of Big Data & Hadoop 
  • Compelling reasons for Big Data Hadoop certification 
  • Conclusion   


Overview of Big Data & Hadoop 


The market of big data hadoop is going under the massive change, and there is no sign of its deceleration. These two technologies are everywhere and have become crucial for every sector, including business, decision-making, and everything we can think of.


As the amount of data (structured or unstructured) is exploding every second, there is no denying that the skills and knowledge of big data and hadoop are most in-demand today.

Before we understand in-depth how big data technologies like Hadoop are helpful in cost reduction, accelerating business processes, and driving customer experience, it is important to revise the definition of these advanced technologies.


Big Data- It is not just a massive volume of data but a technology that big organizations require to handle the massive amounts of data and storage facilities.


Hadoop- It is an open-source software framework that provides massive storage for all kinds of data and running the applications on clusters of commodity hardware.


In simple words, we can say that Hadoop is one of the efficient tools for handling big data.


Before you wish to become a Hadoop professional or a big data expert, let’s figure out why you should learn these technologies.


Compelling Reasons for Big Data Hadoop Certification


As these technologies can be seen as a big game-changer for most of the industries from the last few years, it is crucial to go with the trend. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should get Big Data Hadoop certification and training courses.


Ever-Increasing Demands for Technological professionals


There is a serious amount of skill gap w.r.t. available Big Data professionals, but with the right certifications and training sessions, this gap can be eliminated. As data is growing to increase each day, demand for Hadoop professionals continues to grow.


Offers High Paying Incomes 


With the strong demand for big data skills, the incomes of talented professionals are increasing, and so the big data experts with the right skills can make a high income and enjoy good hikes annually.


Employment Opportunities


If you want to take your career to an unprecedented level, it is essential to get certified from reputed platforms like Global Tech Council. As more and more companies are switching to Big Data, organizations are looking for specialists in this domain, offering unexpectedly high incomes to professionals.


Revolutionizing Domains 

Today almost all domains are leveraging big data and hadoop for healthcare, retail, government, media, transportation, banking and finance, and much more. Thus hadoop training offers a wide range of opportunities to the certified professionals.


Helps in Decision-making capabilities 


A right certification helps you master analytics, which will help you in making a well-informed decision. It also helps in driving influential business strategies and decision-making capabilities.


Exponential Growth of Big Data Market 


With the increasing penetration of smart devices within remote areas, the Big Data revolution will continue to surge, and the requirements for Big Data experts and hadoop professionals continues to grow exponentially across the globe.

Reputed Job Titles 


With the right big data hadoop certification, one can be a certified big data expert and can apply for various reputed and high paying profiles such as Big Data Analyst, Big Data Engineer and more in almost every domain.


Remunerative Freelancing Opportunities


 Big Data and Hadoop pose as potential domains to offer well-paying freelance opportunities for some of the biggest firms in the world, which will be beneficial for organizations and professionals as well.


Adoption by Top Organizations


Top organizations are adopting Big data and Hadoop for various domains to find out unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences, and other helpful information. Thus, it is not at all surprising to see a lot of buzz in the market to learn Hadoop.


Scarcity of Professionals


Undoubtedly, Hadoop job opportunities are growing, but the job roles are vacant due to the high skill gap still existing in the market. Hence now is the perfect time for you to step ahead and stand out from the crowd.




As Big Data has taken the business world by storm, there are millions of career opportunities in this domain. Now, as you have understood the reasons to learn Hadoop, you can check out the best big data hadoop certification training to give your career a good head start. Global Tech Council focusses on Big Data Analytics, including Hadoop, MapReduce, and other advanced concepts. This exam-based training inspires individuals to become credible for a successful career in the big data analytics domain.

So are you ready to opens the world of excellent career opportunities in Big Data analytics? If yes, why wait? 


To enroll in the big data hadoop certification and become a big data expert, Check out Global Tech Council.