What Is a Live Chatbot? How Your Business Can Benefit From Live Chats With Customers

Business Can Benefit From Live Chats With Customers

Today every customer is looking for a quick response and faster customer service. Companies are adopting various strategies to enhance the consumer experience, and technology has played an important role in this.  One such development that we will be talking about in this blog is Chatbots. These are automated bots that are designed to answer customer queries. You can easily spot them on social media platforms like Facebook. Besides, there are other companies that are actively using chatbots. The primary objective is to provide customers with a quick response. This blog is going to cover the details of how Blockchain is going to benefit your business.

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Why is Chatbot important for your business?

Better lead generation– The primary objective of any organization is to generate as much lead as possible. The more is the number of leads; the better are the prospects of converting them into clients. So, the company needs to focus on how you can reach all those customers and answer their response so that you can get the best lead. Most of the companies work in an omnichannel model. They promote their business on various platforms like Facebook. With the help of AI, customers can directly interact with the company without the need to actually go to the website. And it is a successful way to generate more business. Using chatbots, you can engage with your customers. It helps in faster decision making. Chatbots have a preset questionnaire that convinces the visitors for lead generation. 

Chatbot function in two different ways:

• Lead qualification- These chatbots are programmed to qualify leads by asking them relevant questions and direct them to sales. 

• Better lead nurturing – Once the bots qualify the lead, they are nurtured. The e-commerce portals keep on interacting with their customers and provide personalized recommendations in the form of discount codes, combo offers or more. 

Round the clock customer support- The next important role of chatbots is to provide them with round the clock customer support. Today everybody is in a hurry, and so the companies need to be prompt to respond and provide all the necessary assistance to make your business run seamlessly. A study shows that around 62% of companies believe the better the customer experience, the better the result will be. Chatbots gets to engage with customers. Moreover, they work round the clock to answer customer queries and requests. Good customer service means the customer will come back, and it helps in customer retention. You can also train chatbots for some of the basic questions which most of the customers have. 

Save customer service costs- A report says that every year there are 265 billion customer queries, and companies spend around$1.3 trillion to service these requests. With the help of chatbots, you can bring down this list by 30%. Implementing ChatbotChatbot is an investment that is slowly going to give you the benefits in the long run. Basically, chatbots are used to enhance the consumer experience. Instead of long people, companies can now spend on chatbots that eventually helps in saving the cost. This cost can be:

  • In the form of salary 
  • Training
  • Infrastructural cost 
  • You can easily overcome all these expenses by investing in good and efficient chatbots.

Better customer engagement– We don’t need to mention, but the matter is that every organization needs to invest in tools to help you engage with the customers. As per the study of Bain and Company, the businesses that have been able to successfully be able to interact with customers and could engage their customers; then customers would spend 20% to 30% more on the website. And hence, investing in customer engagement is paramount for every organization. Here is how you can engage your customers:

  1. Provide one-to-one response– It is important for every business to make their customer feel wanted, and the best way to ensure this is by interacting with them individually. The chatbots help you achieve the same. 
  2. Real-time response- Unlike the conventional customer support services, which the majority rely on a phone call or email, chatbots work in real-time. They will quickly answer the queries, thus enhancing the consumer experience.
  3. Improves customer experience- The next benefit of using chatbots on your website is because it enhances customer experience. Since the consumer will be directly interacting with the company, it will eventually help in enriching the customer experience.

Reduces human error– You can debate on the fact that machines cannot take up the charge of humans, but the fact of the matter is that even the most efficient workforce can make a mistake. Delayed response or no response can adversely impact the brand image, but you can reduce human error with the best chabot experience, thereby increasing consumer experience.

These are some of the key ways via which chatbots can be beneficial for your business. If you have still not considered this option, installing chatbots and reap benefits from it is the right time. 

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