Machine Learning Trends That Will Transform The World in 2021

Evolution is inevitable, whether it is human or technology, the changes in them are transforming human life as well. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have crossed the boundaries of science fiction books, and it has become a part of our reality. Machine learning works on data, and based on this; it draws inferences that eventually forms the guiding source for the machines to take necessary actions.  In this blog, we are going to highlight the details of the popular machine learning trend that is going to change the way we look at the world. 

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We have seen a lot of technological development in the year 2021, and they are impacting our lives; from self-driven cars to managing the supply chain of Covid-19 vaccine, machine learning and deep learning are playing an integral role in transforming our lives. Here are some of the noteworthy trends that you should be looking at this year:

1. Military autonomy- We will soon see systems that are going to control military ships and even bases. Using behavioural patterning, machine learning can assess the probability of a force that is cordial or belligerent. In fact, in some cases, the developments have escalated to the next level where minimal human intervention is required. With time humans are becoming more comfortable with the use of machines and taking complex decisions. 

2. Security in the home- Well, technology has reached our homes as well. Smart locks, lighting systems, home alarm systems and access systems all use technology that makes them far more effective and efficient.  With the help of machine learning, we can transform the home security system making it efficient to predict threats based on behaviour interpretation.

3. Chatbots- These AI-enabled tools have become a new medium to establish a personal connection with the customers. Unlike the conventional method of customer service, which was manual, today, we have a new tool like a chatbot that is taking over the charge of interaction with the customers. These bots are trained to answer customer queries. They work round the clock, so you are assured that they will answer customer queries at any time. 

4. Displacement– Robotics is no more limited to sci-fi movies; they are now becoming a part of our life. They are taking over an important role in the organization. The efficacy of a robot depends on how well it is programmed. Besides, machine learning and AI is now being used in the field of medical and healthcare. These are used in image diagnostics like assessing X-rays, MRI reports and CT Scan. With the help of machine learning tools, it becomes easier to interpret the reports. Moreover, these tools are designed to perform efficiently for hours without any fault. 

In the same way, machine learning tools are capable of predicting the best way to win a suit. 

5. Internet of things– IoT or the Internet of Things is the new buzz in the market. The world is talking about it; these connected devices are going to transform the way things are going to work. Many companies have developed digital sentries like Alexa and Siri. These are used to communicate via television, cell phones and speakers. This voice-based request software is connected to the internet of things. For example, you have a coffee machine, and you ask it to make a coffee. 

6. Reinforcement Learning (RL)- Another area of interest will be reinforcement learning. In simple words, this technique will help businesses make strategic decisions. This is an innovative technique that makes use of deep learning that assesses personal experience and enhances the effectiveness of accumulated data. 

In RL, AI is used under several conditions that determine that instigates the software to execute the right course of action.  Over a period of time, the software learns how to work to make the system work well and give the right outcome every time. 

7. Cybersecurity- Machine learning finds various uses in contemporary times, and one of them is its application in cybersecurity. It is used to detect fraud and the arts. In fact, Machine learning is being used to prepare smart software that can be used to detect fraudulent behaviours by identifying the change in the pattern. These smart antivirus software can detect threats based on the older data and new threats by screening the abnormal pattern. Some of the popular examples include Sqrrl and Chronicles.

Concluding thoughts

We are witnessing a rise in the use of machine learning technology.  As per the study, the market size of machine learning is expected to become a $120,000,000 industry by 2025; this whopping increase in this technology shows how fast it is growing and impacting the different industrial segments. The objective of this technology is to make the machine work faster and accurately.