Best Cybersecurity Interview Question You Should Know 

If you are preparing to make a good impression and landing a job in Cybersecurity, this article has got you covered. The article below illustrates the best interview questions about Cybersecurity.


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  • Introduction to Cybersecurity 
  • Best samples of interview questions
  • Final Words


Introduction to Cybersecurity


In today’s data-driven technology, it is crucial to protect personal information as well as governmental, and industry-related information from adversaries and criminals and this gives rise to the study of Cybersecurity.


Cybersecurity not only deals with protecting the network but also to safeguard websites and the servers. This field of protecting sensitive information has evolved drastically over the last few years.

Cyber attacks and cyber criminals give rise to the evolution and development of Cybersecurity as firewalls, and antivirus software cannot be seen as a sole security measure. Cybersecurity is on the rise and thus the cybersecurity certifications can help individuals in gaining the in-depth knowledge of everything related to this domain.

If you want to become a certified cybersecurity professional, here are some sample questions that will help you in cracking the toughest interview questions.


Best Samples of Interview Questions



  • What is Cybersecurity, and What are its Essential Elements? 



Since the interview is all about Cybersecurity, you should be ready to answer this question precisely.

Cybersecurity involves the field of protecting inter-connected systems with the primary purpose of preventing data breaching, identity theft, and cyberattacks which can help in risk management.

Its elements are-

  • Information and Network security
  • Operational and Application security
  • End-user education and, 
  • Business continuity planning



  • What is the Major Difference Between Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption?



Symmetric encryption uses the same key for encryption and decryption, used for bulk data transmission while asymmetric uses different keys for encryption and decryption, used for securely exchanging secret keys. Also, symmetric encryption is fast but more vulnerable, but asymmetric encryption is slow due to high computation.



  • Can you Explain CIA Triad? 



CIA is designed to guide policies of information security that stands for-


C- Confidentiality: The information is accessible and readable only to authorized personnel. 

I- Integrity: Makes sure that unauthorized users are not modifying data.

A-Availability: Ensures data is available whenever users demand it. 



  • Define Cryptography



It is the field of protecting data from unattended recipients by transforming the information into a secure format. An example of this is an encrypted message where letters are replaced by other characters to protect the crucial info from third parties.


  • Differentiate Between IDS and IPS



IDS stands for Intrusion Detection System that detects the intrusion and leaves the rest for the administrator while IPS stands for Intrusion Prevention System that not only identifies but also take the necessary measures to prevent the intrusion.



  • How you Keep Yourself Update About information Security News? 



This question is as important as the rest of the technical questions. By asking this, the interviewer just wanted to check if you are updated or not. Be sure to mention the tech blogs and other security forums you are aware of.



  • Have you Heard About the Brute Force Attack? If Yes, How Can You Prevent it? 



It is an attempt by an unauthorized user to find out the right PIN or password. In this attack, hackers try all the combinations of credentials, and we can prevent this attack by setting strong passwords and limiting login attempts.



  • What is a VPN? 



Virtual Private Network works to ensure encrypted data transfer. VPN helps in creating a safe and encrypted connection over less secure networks by making use of tunnelling protocols to encrypt data at the sending end and decrypt it at the receiving end. To provide additional security, the originating and receiving network addresses are also encrypted.


  • What are Black Hat, White Hat and Grey Hat Hackers?



 Black Hat Hackers have an excellent knowledge of breaching network security, and they break into a secure network to perform malicious attacks. White Hat Hackers are the ones that are specialized in penetration testing, and they are capable of protecting the information system of an organization. On the other hand, Grey Hat Hackers are computer hacker who sometimes violates ethical standards, without having malicious intent.



  • Mention Some Common Cyberattacks 



Few most common Cyberattacks are- 


  • Password attacks 
  • Drive-by Downloads
  • Phishing and Malware
  • DoS
  • Man in the Middle


Final Words


While these are the few best samples of interview questions, it is essential to remember that these are not the only ones. But if you are all prepared with the questions mentioned above, you can create a lasting impression.


As cybercrimes and cyber-attacks continue to grow immensely, the job opportunities in the domain of Cybersecurity can be seen as an unstoppable force. With the right Cybersecurity Certification and training courses, you can give your career a good head start. 


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