Top 6 Cyber Security Tools of 2020

In today’s era, everything revolves around the internet. Our phones, laptops, and networks hold invaluable information, making cybersecurity a top priority. Thus, becoming a cyber or network security engineer is the right career move (if you’re thinking about it). Given below is a list of Top 6 Cyber Security Tools of 2020.


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The aim of using cybersecurity software is to protect businesses or individuals from cyber attacks. They encrypt the data, prevent data loss, filter spam emails, backup data, alert the users in case they visit any suspicious website, and the like.


Every network security engineer knows the value of good cybersecurity software and its benefits. So, before moving onto the list of best cybersecurity tools to use in 2020, let’s have a look at their benefits.


Benefits of Cyber Security Tools

Hackers are brilliant geniuses who find innovative ways to get into a system. They use files that are difficult to detect and once downloaded into a system or network, can corrupt it (causing huge data loss). Below are the benefits offered by such tools.


Note: A Cyber Security Certification would be really advantageous to your career as it’ll help you learn all about cybersecurity tools.


  • Protection of important information

One of the most important benefits of cybersecurity tools is that they protect sensitive and important information by using data encryption methods. Giants like Amazon, Facebook, and more useful data encryption techniques to protect customer data.


  • Compliance with rules

Most cybersecurity tools are built keeping in mind the insurance and legal regulations in mind. This is also beneficial for streamlining data transmission.


  • Protection from cybercriminals

Cybercriminals try to infect systems with malicious files. Once the user downloads such files, the hacker can get access to all the data in the system and use it for his personal benefit. Cybersecurity tools make sure that such an event does not happen; this is done by using security protocols.


Top 6 Cyber Security Tools of 2020



  • Metasploit

Most cybersecurity experts feel that the strength of any network is determined by its ability to not get easily penetrated. Metasploit focuses on exactly this and comes loaded with tools for penetration testing. It can test the security of web applications, servers, and networks by recognizing new security vulnerabilities as they unfold. It is also a great tool to compare IT networks and check their strength with respect to earlier reports.




  • Kali Linux

Kali Linux is one of the most popular tools used by cybersecurity professionals worldwide. It has more than 300 tools under its umbrella, to test the security of networks and systems. The reason behind its popularity is that everyone can use this tool, meaning that a person without formal cybersecurity training can also use it. Another advantage offered by Kali Linux is that users can look after the security of their networks with a single click. Cybersecurity career seekers can opt for professional network security training for elevating their job prospects.




  • Acunetix

Acunetix is another popular automatic cybersecurity tool built to protect companies from the increasing number of cyber hacks. Its USP is its wide range of automatic and manual penetration testing tools. The users can quickly identify the points of compromise and work on the betterment of the system security.




  • Center for Internet Security (CIS)

Looking for a cybersecurity tool suitable for large companies and startups? CIS is the tool you’re seeking. CIS’s offerings make sure that the data is secure and prevent it from potential attacks. Its product  CIS SecureSuite is a multipurpose tool including CIS controls and CIS Benchmarks.




  • Netcat

Looking for a tool designed especially for TCP and UDP networks? Netcat is your go-to tool for such needs. Most network security engineers are proficient in Netcat as it wears multiple hats, just like them. You can use it as a port redirector, backdoor, port scanner, and port listener.




  • KisMAC

As the name suggests, it is a tool designed especially for MAC OS X. It takes care of wireless network security and is loaded with features to be used by expert cybersecurity professionals. KisMAC takes a different approach when it comes to finding the vulnerabilities; it scans networks and generates wrong security keys and uses weak scheduling. If cracking is successful, it means that the network is not secure.



There is no single tool that can take care of everything. Different tools govern different components of cybersecurity. Some might be free, while others may offer full protection at a price. You need to do your research, look at the pros and cons, and then make an informed decision.