Guide on How to Become a Certified White Hat Hacker?

If you want to take your career as a white hat hacker and want to become a certified white-hat hacker, this article will help you in guiding how to become one.


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  • Introduction to white hat hacker 
  • Must-have skills to become a one 
  • White hat hacker certification courses 
  • Benefits of certification and training 
  • Conclusion


Introduction to White Hat Hacker


Today, hackers are coming up with creative ways to perform malicious activities and therefore, it is crucial to have a defensive approach. As a common belief, all hackers are indulged in malicious online activities, but this is not the truth. Ethical hackers use their skills proactively to secure and protect the entire network, and these are none other than certified white hat hackers.


If you are looking for white hat hacker certification courses, it is essential to understand what actually white hat hackers are.


These hackers are authorized to infiltrate the organization’s security and find vulnerabilities if any. They report bugs and weaknesses, which are then fixed by concerned professionals to increase IT security. They perform penetration testing techniques that involve a lot of planning which includes getting explicit permission from management to perform tests and then running tests safely.


To stop malicious hacking activities, one needs to think like one, and this is what ethical hacking all about. 


Must-Have Skills to Become A One 


When it comes to background knowledge and education requirements, white hat hackers should possess problem-solving as well as communication skills along with intelligence and the ability to adapt. Strong technical and organizational skills are a mandatory requirement if one wants to stand out from the rest of the competitors. 


As it is becoming mandatory to secure and protect sensitive information of the organizations, in the contemporary world, top companies are hiring white hat hackers. Having a bachelor’s degree in information security can provide a strong foundation which will be an add on factor, but it is not a mandatory skill. 


To be honest, there are no standard education criteria to pursue this course. If you have the zeal to learn, you can go for cybersecurity training certification.


White Hat Hacker Certification Courses


To safeguard system and information from unauthorized users and to avoid security breaching, it is becoming crucial to learn and develop ethical hacking skills. As new types of hacking activities are introducing every day, it is vital to learn about various network components, traffic, performance, utilization and other networking fundamentals. A mixed blend of necessary self-education with ethical hacking certification training, you can steer your career exactly where you’d like it to go.


Global Tech Council is one of the prestigious platforms that impart world-class training and exam-based certification courses with an aim to bright up career prospects for individuals. These training sessions are specifically designed to give in-depth, hands-on knowledge, to enhance their credibility and experience the acceleration in their career with a growth curve ahead as a white-hat hacker, ethical hacker, or senior cybersecurity professional in the domains of government agencies, retail, e-commerce and more.


This specialized training trains learners from basics of white hacking such as introduction to white hat hacking, its fundamentals, explorer cryptography, basics of footprinting to the high-level concepts like hacking the system, and malware in detail.


Benefits of certification and Training


Although there are many undeniable benefits of white hat hacker certification course, we have listed a few of the most important ones.


  • You will understand tools of the trade, the risks and vulnerabilities that can affect organizations plus in-depth knowledge of network scanning and enumeration techniques.



  • Even without much hands-on experience, certification courses can help candidates to give an excellent start to their career.



  • With certification knowledge, one can put his skills to use in any big IT company.



  • Courses and training will help in building theoretical knowledge and practical implementation skills.



  • Certification courses will always be an added advantage to your resume.





As the majority of companies and banks are under cyber threats, businesses and organizations need ethical hackers to protect the computers and the networks. The transition to the cloud is another governing factor that gives rise to the demand for white hat hackers.


With the growing number of threats and attacks in the computer industry, ethical hacking can be seen as the only feasible solution to protect crucial information from unethical hackers. Becoming a certified hacker involves staying on the legal side of hacking and never engaging in unethical hacking activities and always protecting the intellectual property of others and to become one, it continuously requires updating yourself with the latest technical knowledge.


To learn more about white hat certifications and become a certified white hacker, check out Global Tech Council.