Make Your Business Cyber Attacks Proof With These Tips

The rise of the internet era has made communication easy and has merged the boundaries. It has made the world more open and at the same time, vulnerable. This brings us to one of the most dangerous aftermaths of internet technology, cyberattacks.


Some Eye-Popping Numbers

Did you know that the number of cyber-attacks has increased in the last few years? As per the reports of the KasperskyLab, in 2016, 758 million cyber attacks occurred, which means that there was a malicious attack in every 40 seconds. We all know that in 2017, Ransomware was under the focus of WannaCry and NotPetya attacks, which impacted the big organizations. Well, these are just a few of them. But, if you think that these attacks are only limited to big organizations, then let’s break the ice for you, as per the reports of Verzion (2018), 58% of cyberattacks are witnessed by organizations having less than 250 employees.


The numbers are untoward, and it also raises the question of how to make cybersecurity safer. Let’s unfold it ahead.


Some Of The Common Mode Of Attack

  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Wire Transfers
  • Unprotected Mobile Devices


Tips To Put Down The Cyberattacks


1. Multiple Authentication Methods

One of the ways that you can adopt to combat cyberattacks is following multiple authentication methods. Authentication means confirming the identity of the person. The system cross-verifies whether the data fed matches with the existing data in the system. If it does, the system allows access. We all have the password system, but these are highly vulnerable and prone to attack, hence it is good to have multiple authentications. You can include answering a security question, biometric recognition etc.

2. Emphasize on HTTPs

If you are creating a website, its always good to rely on HTTPs website, these have SSL/TLS certificate, which makes them secure and free from cyberattacks. All the data on such websites are encrypted and hence cannot be decoded or sabotaged.

3. Updated Software

One of the key areas where the attackers can easily attack are the weak ones. If your software is old and not updated as per present standards, then it makes them susceptible to cyberattacks. Most of the software update work towards resolving issues or bugs in the system, thus ensuring that it is safe to use.

4. Backup Of Data

Well, this is not exactly how you can put down the cyberattack, but yes, with this, you can secure all the data. This becomes important for offices where data storage is always in the radar of the cyberattackers. You can keep a backup of all your data, such that in case of Ransomware, you are able to access the data without any hassle.

5. Secure Email Communication Training

Well, one of the ways to combat cyberattacks is by training the employees on securing email communication. Email is one of the weakest points which can easily lead to loss of data or information breach. The companies must look at email security solution which enables encryption of message which can keep the information secured.

6. Firewall Security

This is a must for every organization to ban unauthorized access to data. Cyberattacks are usually from private networks, with the help of firewall security one can easily overcome all this.

7.  Train The Employees

One of the best ways to keep the cyberattacks at bay is by training the employees. You can have cybersecurity awareness training as a part of their induction, which will help the employees understand the importance of cybersecurity and how to identify the problem areas.

8. Rely On Single Cloud Security Platform

This tip is going to be beneficial for small businesses which have become the hotspot for the cyberattackers. Ransomware is a common way via which cyberattackers attack the companies. Small business lack high-end cybersecurity devices leading to cloud attacks. To cut down on this, the company can opt for a single cloud security platform which controls the user, device and network and thus limits the threats.



Bonus: Cybersecurity Courses

We have already mentioned that training the employees on cybersecurity will enhance the chances of keeping the data free from cyberattacks. There are many companies like Global Tech Council offering certification course in cybersecurity. With this course, you can train the in-house IT staff on different aspects of cybersecurity, thus allowing you to keep the system off the malicious attacks.


Wrapping It Up

We cannot undermine the fact that internet technology has immensely impacted our world.  For any business, to succeed it becomes essential that they start investing in measures that can guarantee the security of data. Cybersecurity courses offered by Global Tech Council is a great way to enhance the security of the data while you continue to make your business grow.