The Top 5 Cyber Security Careers You Should Know

Imagine your credit card details being retrieved by a hacker. What would you do? How would you manage the situation?

Now, change the environment a bit and imagine if this information was stolen through another network. You would simply blame the provider for getting your information stolen as it means you can lose a lot of money for a mistake you didn’t even do.

Owing to the importance of security in the cyber world along with the added responsibility of providers and vendors, most companies need a cybersecurity layer. Hiring cyber professionals is a common routine as it means safeguarding the information of their users. This also means that a trained professional is an integral part of many organizations. If not directly, then indirectly through an outsourcing partner.

Hence, in this article, we will discuss the top cybersecurity professions for individuals to pursue.

Top 5 Cyber Security Career Options

1.      Network Security Engineer

A network security engineer is essential for every organization as they encounter threats and vulnerabilities. This includes maintaining various systems, finding out threats in the system, new ways of resolving problems, maintaining the firewall, and supervising changes such as new technology implementation.

2.      Cyber Security Analyst

A cybersecurity analyst plans, implements, and upgrades underlying security system of the organization. They constantly monitor security systems to know who has accessed it. This also includes preparing for both external and internal audits of the structure to remove security loopholes. One of the major responsibilities of a security analyst is to conduct risk analyses, vulnerability testing, network management, and security assessments.

3.      Cyber Security Technician

A cyber security technician work in collaboration with network security engineer to align the security structure of the whole organization. They work to provide a safe network of working to employees and other company stakeholders. Tasks such as passwords guideline formation, issuing IDs, collecting and analyzing information all fall under this domain.

4.      Cyber Security Manager

A cybersecurity manager handles the maintenance tasks of the whole organization. They would regularly monitor existing cyber policies to find loopholes and change the reforms accordingly. Needless to say, these individuals work to implement that highest security standard in an organization with increased network security and managed IT protocols.

5.      Chief Information Security Officer

Since cyber threats are increasing by the day, every organization is now hiring a CISO, who is the chief executor of security tasks. From monitoring the potential security threats to collaborating with the team to keep the organization from security breaches, these professionals look after secure implementation of policies and reforms of the organization.

Things to Remember

  • There are a lot of blue skies if you enter the cybersecurity domain. Don’t expect to execute a similar type of task as that is not going to be the case. Every day, the cyberspace evolves and so does the methods of cyber threats, which requires cybersecurity professionals to always keep learning and deal with arising challenges.


  • The demand in this domain is high but this roots to the need for skilled professionals. Just having a degree won’t get you in the field. You are required to learn intricate procedures and know what is actually going on in the cybersecurity domain to penetrate the market.


  • The learning never stops in this field. Some time back, we were battling with ransomware and tomorrow, there will a new type of threat. Hackers have new, innovative methods to invade the personal space of customers. Hence, cybersecurity professionals should also come up with new, innovative methods to stop that from happening.



To start a career in the cybersecurity domain, it is not necessary to directly reach the topmost position. If you are just out of college or a fresher in the industry, you can start as a cyber security technician and then penetrate through the market with constant learning.