Top 10 Cyber Security Companies

Today, data is imperative for every organization. Whether we talk about financial data of a payroll outsourcing company or medical patient data of a healthcare provider, the security of this data is the prime concern of every business or organization.

However, we also know that data breaches are increasing as you read this. By the time you will finish reading the information given in this article, a hacker may have already invaded a system and breached its information.

In a situation like this, cybersecurity companies are helping us reduce the occurrences of data breaches and data theft. Hence, we have prepared a list of top 10 cybersecurity organizations. You can check the details to understand how these companies are helping us reduce and sometimes eliminate cyber-attacks.

1. Microsoft

Microsoft has developed its name in the cybersecurity domain. It has created Active Directory which runs several services on a windows server and it is used to manage access and permissions of the networked sources. Azure cloud security also offers services such as key vault, security center, Azure DDoS protection, Application Gateway, and Azure Information Protection for web application protection.

Gartner even ranked Microsoft on the top in its Magic Quadrants (MQs) for its access management and endpoint protection.

Products: UEBA, threat protection, identity and access management, security management, cloud security, application gateways, information protection, and DDoS protection.

2.    IBM

IBM has several cybersecurity-related products such as orchestration and incident response, security information and event management, cloud security, etc. While IBM is a bit slow in updates of these systems, it is well-rated by Gartner as IBM frequently shows up in eSecurity Planet lists.

Products: Security analytics, fraud protection, patch management, SIEM, encryption, mobile security, security orchestration, data protection, network security, application security, threat intelligence, endpoint protection, access and identity management, and mainframe security.

3.    Fortinet

Fortinet is another organization which is quickly establishing its name in the cybersecurity domain. Its name is also repeatedly seen in the eSecurity Planet lists. In fact, it was named as a leading enterprise in Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW). Gartner also placed it in the list of Unified Threat Management.

Products: Intrusion prevention, firewalls, and endpoint security.

4.    Symantec

Symantec has maintained its presence as a top security organization over the years. It provides consumer, enterprise, and small business products. For enterprises, it offers data loss prevention, endpoint protection, cloud access, web gateways, threat intelligence, etc. Similar to Microsoft, Symantec has also maintained its position in MQ.

Products: Managed services, advanced threat protection, endpoint security, web gateway, encryption, network security, email security, antivirus, cloud security, identity theft protection, and website security.

5.    Cisco

While Cisco is originally known for its network abilities, it is now embarking upon cybersecurity domain as well. It has built several cybersecurity products such as intrusion prevention systems, firewalls, malware protection, UTM, and cloud protection.

Products: Intrusion prevention, firewalls, CASB, NAC, web gateway, email security, advanced malware protection, endpoint security, VPN, security services, and security management.

6.    Splunk

Splunk is popularly known for information technology service management. But, it is also popularly known for security management, so much so that it was listed in MQ of Gartner for its SIEM and analytics capabilities.

Products: SIEM, security analysis, user behavior analytics, security automation, and ransomware prevention.

7.    McAfee

McAfee is dominating the cybersecurity market for a very long time now. It is not extremely famous in one particular area but it has various products such as identity protection, SIEM, antivirus, endpoint protection, and secure web gateways. McAfee also maintains its presence in eSecurity Planet list.

Products: Endpoint security, antivirus, identity theft protection, web gateways, IDPS, mobile security, CASB, encryption, data protection, security management, network security, security analytics, web security, SIEM, and consulting.

8.    ProofPoint

ProofPoint offers several useful products such as cloud protection, network sandboxing, security awareness training, email protection, etc. It is not too well-known in the market but ProofPoint is still doing great.

Products: Advanced threat protection, CASB, email protection, data loss prevention, encryption, and threat intelligence.

9.    Imperva

Imperva has appeared three times on the eSecurity Planet list and Gartner ranked it well in customer satisfaction and firewall support.

Products:  Data masking, database security, web application firewalls, and DDoS integration.

10. RSA

A lesser-known fact is that RSA is a subsidiary of dell technology and Gartner has included it in the MQ for its SIEM.

Products: SIEM, threat intelligence, GRC, network traffic analysis, security orchestration, endpoint security, fraud prevention, malware detection, access management, and UEBA.


Cybersecurity is currently trending in every domain of the industry. If you want to know a thing or two about cybersecurity vendors and how they execute cybersecurity in different areas of business, check the above list.

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