Top 20 Cybersecurity Tools You Must Know

Imagine this:

You have ordered your favorite food online and paid for it through your credit card. However, after 2 days, you see in the news that the website from where you ordered food was hacked. Several details of the customers were compromised. Wouldn’t you feel cheated? Wouldn’t you immediately change your credit card’s security code and uninstall the application?

It is a natural instinct that would originate from cyber fraud. Due to the same reason, cybersecurity is an imperative part of every organization’s structure. If you have a presence online, you save user data, or you sell products online, you need a strong security structure. You don’t want hackers anywhere near your organization.

We have compiled a list of cybersecurity tools that might assist you in strengthening your security structure. Let’s analyze these tools:

  • BluVector is an AI-powered tool that implements an advanced system for detection and response. You can use this tool for threat hunting and since it is using ML, it gets smarter by the day. Over time, this tool starts understanding intricate network features.





  • Cloud Defender is a cloud-friendly tool which allows the IT team to detect cloud environment threat and breaches quickly.



  • Contrast Security is a great tool if you are looking for application-level security. This tool embeds itself in the layers of your application to protect it. Since this tool becomes a part of your applications, chances for false positives and breaking into the security becomes negligible.



  • Digital Guardian is user-friendly and easy-to-use. You can start using this tool instantly with pre-loaded best industry practices. The tool is customized after assessing the specific requirements of your network.



  • SecBI captures and analysis the communications going from internal malware to outside controllers. This tool allows processing of large amounts of data for threat intelligence.



  • Gnu PG is a tool that guards your privacy structure. It encrypts your email and file system for additional security at the data level. This tool also complies with the standards of OpenPGP.



  • Truecrypt allows you to encrypt your data at the disk level. This tool will automatically enforce encryption on your data before it is saved on the disk. When you load this data back from the disk, the tool will decrypt the data for you.



  • OECC offers log monitoring, SEM, and SIM capabilities. This tool allows you to integrate Security Event Management and Security Incident Management in your system.





  • OpenVAS is not so much a tool but a framework containing tools and services. It scans your network for vulnerability and helps in managing several systems.



  • BackTrack can be employed in the network for Linux penetration testing. This is one of the best-known software for Linux as it has 300 OSS tools for security requirements of your organization.



  • OSSIM is an Event Management and Security Information tool which can be integrated to OpenVAS, Snort, Mrtg, etc.



  • IPCop protects your network and it is implemented in the firewall distribution of your Linux system. It has the ability to run on an ISP network or individual machines.



  • White Hat Security is a comprehensive solution for the security of your system – right from code to production. This tool can also work as a firewall and update you regarding the found threats.



  • Okta is a tool that tracks the identity of the users on your system. It tracks your users (employees, partners, and customers), their location, and activity.



  • Proofpoint allows you to find out the loopholes in your network or system. It can give you a report on security holes that can pave the way for hackers and unwanted access.



  • CipherCloud is designed in a way to protect the data, communications, and interactions of your organization. This tool will run security scans, encrypt data, and monitor the traffic on your network.



  • SilverSky is one of the best tools for virtual data security. Using this tool, you can monitor your emails, protect your network, and maintain compliance.



  • Wireshark considers the relevant details to track and monitor your network streams for issues and loopholes. This tool can run on Linux, Windows, and OS X.




Whether you decide to buy a paid or unpaid tool, cybersecurity is an unavoidable concept for every network. Analyze the requirements of your business and then select some tools matching your requirements for enhanced security layer.

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