7 Critical Data Science Trends For 2021-25

The Data science sector has been a valuable asset to the tech industry since its existence. In fact, there is no doubt that it will grow extensively in the coming decades. Hence taking a data science certification right now makes sense. 

In case you are in close touch with the data science sector, you must be aware that numerous trends come and go in this field every year. And a few of them prove themselves to be more important than others and stay longer. However, if we talk about the present and upcoming four years, there are particular trends that have potential to gain mass adoption in the future. So that is the topic we are going to explore here. 

Also, if you are a new or an experienced professional in data science, you can easily take up data science training online courses. It is so because the best data science certification comprises different levels of learning as per your experience. 

So let’s begin with the top 7 trends for data science for the years 2021 to 2025. 

Mass adoption of deep fake audios and videos

From 2017 to now, searches for deep fake have only been increasing. Especially when some celebrity uses the technology. Basically, deepfakes refers to artificial content creation using artificial intelligence to represent someone else. Usually, a person modifies someone else’s video, image or audio as per their likeness. As the technology is pretty accessible to anyone, scam rates using deep fakes are also increasing. It is one of the exciting applications of data science, hence to learn more about it, you can take any of the best data science certification programs available to you.

Increased use of Python for creating applications

By 2025 Python has the potential to become the most popular programming language in the field of technology. In fact, Python is the best programming language to perform data analysis. It is because, with Python, you get numerous free data science libraries, including Pandas, and Scikit-learn, which is a machine learning library. Not only this, but Python has also made its way for the creation of blockchain applications. 

Increase in implementation of end-to-end solutions

Earlier businesses needed to hire experts to process different parts of their business and combine them together to get the desired outcome. Today, end-to-end solutions like the Dataiku have been handling the full data science cycle from beginning to end for every business product. This is why the majority of businesses desire to have end-to-end data science solutions for their workspace. Hence you can participate in creating such solutions by taking up the best data science certification online course. 

More data analysts in companies

We have seen an increase in demand for data analysts in multiple enterprises over the last five years. With the increase in available data due to the internet of things and cloud computing, businesses need data analysts to deal with increasing data sets. Although we have numerous data analyzing tools today, the available data is still complex and messy and often requires human assistance for better handling. However, if you did get data science training online, you will learn to use the best data analyzing tools for more accurate results. 

More data science experts joining the Kaggle community

Kaggle is known as the biggest data science community in the world. Currently, it has more than 5 million users across around 194 nations. Aside from taking data science certification, the majority of individuals like to join Kaggle to kick start their machine learning journey. Further communities tend to update the progress of all their machine learning projects timely. In fact, users can participate in competitions relevant to data science challenges. 

More priority to consumer data protection

With the increase in data available today, protecting it also becomes essential. Due to the multiple data breach scandals for the past few years priority for data protection has been increasing. Moreover, consumers are showing more interest in protecting their data online. Many businesses, including Google and Facebook, are now putting in more effort in providing robust privacy to their users. With the best data science certification online, you will also learn about privacy protocols you can use to protect your employer’s data. 

Artificial intelligence developers combating adversarial ML

Adversarial machine learning has become one of the top searches on the internet for the past 10 years. In adversarial ML, the attacker inputs wrong data into the ML model to cause blunders. In the case of adversarial fashion clothing lines, attackers try to track ML models by inputting bold lettering and patterns. Hence it causes confusion in face detection algorithms due to the use of bold patterns and shapes. 

Hence to combat such adversarial inputs, we will see a trend of data scientists working together against it. So, we can expect that we will see adversarial training measures for machine learning models protection in upcoming years. Also, you can take updated data science certification that includes adversarial training. 


So these are the top data science trends that we can expect for the next 4 to 5 years. Like any other field in science and technology, data science is also evolving with every progressive year. So get ready with your best data science certification and become a valuable asset to data-driven companies. 

Hence by keeping up with the upcoming trends regarding the data science space, you can stay one step ahead of others. For more knowledge on such important topics, check out the GLOBAL TECH COUNCIL.