China Worked With NASA To Collect Data For Its Historic Moon Landing

Recently, China asked NASA to exchange its historic mission’s data to successfully carry out the landing of a spacecraft on the moon’s far side. This was the first every collaboration of China with America after the country was banned by America for joint projects related to space without congressional approval.

Further, China is reportedly the first country that was successful in landing spacecraft on the far side of the moon. On 2nd January 2019, its spacecraft Change 4 entered the lunar orbit.

When NASA shared data, Wu Yanhua (deputy director of Chinese space agency) share information regarding the mission with NASA. Hence, China did share the coordinates and time of Chang’s 4’s space schedule.

It is known that the far side of the moon, which is facing in the opposite direction from earth, is a comparatively dark side. It has a variant composition when compared to the near side, in which the past moon missions landed.

During its landing, the Chinese spacecraft Change 4 left Jade Rabbit 2 rover on the moon and took a panorama 360-degree view by combining 80 pictures from the surface. Researchers at China have already analyzed and evaluated the topography of the lunar surface through the images.

The Jade Rabbit 2 rover contains 6 wheels and 220 yards per hour is its maximum speed. The rover can additionally climb 8-inch tall objects and up to 20-degree sloped hills.

Later, the country also released a video of the landing of Change 4. It was a 12-minute video made with 4,700 images.

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