HTC Teams Up With Mozilla To Bring Virtual Reality Web Browser

Browsing virtual reality through your web browser is a real task. The website is hard to navigate, and the information on the screen is difficult to decode. Looking at this problem HTC VIVE has joined hands with Mozilla, Amazon Web Services, and Fidelity Investments to develop a new browser for virtual reality. Isn’t that amazing?

Together all these organizations will enable immersive everyday VR experience through Firefox Reality. For introducing content to the browser, HTC VIVE has collaborated with Amazon as its Sumerian toolsets can implement VR experience without any hassle. Additionally, in association with CES, HTC will allow users to view their portfolio through virtual reality and the tailormade environment created for the browser.

Collectively, HTC VIVE is looking forward to enabling XR computing, quick creation of VR-related content, and empower VIVE customers with additional content.

Mozilla Firefox

VR browsing is a hassle – we already know that. With Firefox Reality, this experience will enhance. Users will be able to search through the net for VR websites for surfing, shopping, or simply watching videos. In fact, Firefox will become default browser for Vive Pro, Vive, and other later versions.

Mozilla’s Chief R&D Officer, Seam White believes that this collaboration with Amazon and HTC will make the internet the best place to access different VR contents through VR devices. Further, engagement of Firefox will ensure users of safe, secure, and fast browsing platform.

Amazon Sumerian

Collaboration with Amazon will enable HTC developers to offer truly immersive experience through VR websites. The Sumerian partnership will allow developers to quickly form the concept, test it, and publish it instantly for public testing or to authentic testers and users.

Apart from this, HTC and Amazon have together planned to integrate Viveport and Sumerian, which will help in making VR experience available to customers faster than ever.

Amazon says that previously making XR experiences available to users required developers to learn special skills along with complex deployment processes. The complexity of the process was overall exhausting. However, with HTC and Mozilla, Amazon will empower developers to create VR experiences with ease and make it available to users with just a URL and browser.

Fidelity Investments

To display how HTC, Mozilla, and Amazon will work together, HTC will showcase Fidelity Investment’s prototype. This will allow users to experience immersive investment through data visualizations and carry out financial collaborations.

Fidelity Investments is keen to explore how investors will be able to collaborate through the virtual environment and how many possibilities this new method will create.


The main aim of HTC VIVE behind this initiative is to allow immersive experience. From VR shopping to web surfing, every experience will be enhanced through Firefox Reality. Hence, we are excited to explore the array of opportunities this browser will bring with itself.

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