Data Science vs. Software Development The Better Career Option

When it comes to a career, there are plenty of options to choose from, depending on one’s interests and capabilities. Today as the technology is advancing and finding application to optimize various sectors, a career in the field of technology such as data science and software development looks promising. But individuals need to understand the distinctive traits necessary for each of the career options.

Let’s consider Data Science first. These days the data science is regarded as the most desirable career. But extracting real business value from big data requires a unique combination of technical skills, mathematical ability, intuition and out of the box thinking. Here are few traits data scientist must have to ace the work.

Critical Thinking

Elite data scientist are critical thinkers. Data science is a profession where critical thinking is an essential part, as they are supposed to apply the objective analysis of facts on a given topic.

“This skill more than anything else determines the success of a data scientist,” says Anand Rao, global AI and innovation lead for data and analytics at consulting firm PwC.



To be a successful data scientist, one needs to be comfortable with coding. Currently, Python is the language of choice. Programming skills required by data scientist comprises of computational aspects, that include dealing with large volumes of data, real-time data, cloud computing, unstructured data, as well as statistical issues, including working with statistical models like regression, optimization, clustering, decision trees, random forests, etc.


Data science is a professional which requires good mathematical ability. If you are not good at maths, the field might not be for you. The role of data scientist is to use their expertise in mathematics to develop statistical models which may be used to the device or modify key business strategies.

As far as the software developer is considered apart from the obvious expertise in programming languages such as Java, R, Python other skills define the success in this career.

Team Player

A software engineer’s,  job revolves around solving issues, creating great products and not just writing as many clever lines of code as possible. A software developer has to communicate with all kinds of people: other developers, quality assurance, PMs, sales, customers, etc.

Empathy and respect are two traits that one needs to become a team player. Successful developers are the kinds who lifts up everyone else around you, not someone who only works well in isolation.

A sharp eye for detail

Higher-Quality code requires attention to detail. Computers only obey your commands. Exercising the ability to think through testers eye and writing codes that will handle various use cases allow for a much smoother development process.

A sharp eye for detail is what enables developers to catch and avoid mistakes in their own code or even in others’ code and saves their time and energy.

Practice and persistence

Becoming a great software developer requires practice and persistence. Successful developers keep their skills sharp. Successful developers invest time and effort to practice their skills and exercise their muscles.

Dedicated Software developers find opportunities to practice and push themselves a little further every day. Practicing new skills and being persistent will keep your skills sharp and will keep you refreshed, interested and on top of your game.

We can safely conclude that both the career options are great from a financial perspective as well as the future opportunities perspective. The call is yours; you need to find out which are the traits you identify yourself with more.