Can Artificial Intelligence Save The Humanity?

While most of us think that AI is all about intelligent robots and self-driving cars, it is more than that. We see simple yet extremely useful applications of AI in our daily lives. From AI enabled shopping to personal assistants such as Alexa, all these technologies use artificial intelligence. Even finding products similar to your search on websites is through AI.

Let’s see how AI can save humanity.

Potential Risks

Although AI is the future of the world we see today, it is also believed that the use of AI needs to be controlled to avoid involved risks. For instance, highly capable systems can decide to not listen to humans.

Many advanced AI systems being developed by researchers have the capability of functioning without human guidance. The most common example of this is a self-driving car, which is enabled to take actions while on the road. These actions also include decisions such as not running over a child who is crossing the road.

But, what if intelligent machines decide they don’t need humans anymore?

It would be really hard to teach robots the actual essence of human values. For example, what would a robot do: protect humanity from overpopulation or protect individual rights related to reproduction?

These potential risks often make scientist question whether the advent of artificial intelligence will be the best or the worst thing for the world.


Benefits of AI are already seen everywhere today. There is no denying to the fact that artificial intelligence has made our lives easier.

AI can:

  • Process repetitive tasks without errors, which occurs when humans get bored or are clouded by emotions.
  • Limit dangerous material exposure at places where humans can’t go.
  • Reduce the working time of humans; allowing them to pursue what makes them happy.

There are various other ways through which artificial intelligence can help us in the future. But, there is still a lot of progress that needs to be done in this area.

How AI Can Save The Humanity

Here are some of the great applications of artificial intelligence that can help us a lot:

1. Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a fatal disease which takes away the lives of many people every year. This ailment is not uniform in nature, which makes it really hard to stop the cancer cells from growing. Needless to say, the growth of cancerous cells is different in every individual – it affects them differently. Hence, the treatment is harder than we think. There is no perfect combination of treatment for one cancer type. Most of the times, the doctor has to try a various combination of medications to find the one that actually works on a particular patient.

However, if AI is utilized in this field, these machines can remember the treatment options for different individuals over the years. With so much data available, it would be easier for doctors to come up with a viable treatment plan in early stages only.

2. Self-Driving Cars

The best thing self-driving cars can do is to make us accident proof. It can remove our discretion and errors made on the road. The advanced algorithms used along with cameras can ensure proper following of traffic rules whether you are getting late for office or not. It can remove the possibilities and accidents caused due to drinking and increase the probability of following other driving rules.

3. Enhanced Defence

While no one likes to go to war, it still happens. Here we are not talking about actual war, but we still face terrorism now and then. This forces our army and government to always stay alert for war at the border, inside the country, and prevent all the ill-activities set up by the terrorists.

When artificially intelligence systems will be involved in defense forces, it would be easier to predict the possibility of war. We will be able to better detect terrorist activities and save so many human lives.


When it is about artificial intelligence, it sure has the potential to change how we function today. Although many believe that AI will reduce jobs, but it is likely to create many other jobs opportunities as well. We can improve the medical sector, reduce road accidents, increase the accuracy of data processing, and carry out many more functions just with artificial intelligence. This field of technology has the power to change the world we live in today.