MicroStrategy And Qlik, Independent Analytics Providers, Upgrade Their BI Solutions

MicroStrategy and Qlik are two independent providers of BI analytics. These providers recently offered upgrades for their BI platforms. Let’s see what are these upgrade:

MicroStrategy has offered the second update for their latest 2019 version. This update is mostly related to HyperIntelligence, which is a tool for analytics that is utilized by users through mobile applications and web browsers instead of the software application of MicroStrategy.

Qlik, on the other hand, launched its June 2019 Product Release, which involves Data Catalyst updates. Data Catalyst is a version of Qlik’s recent acquisition, which was rebranded after attainment. This tool will open Qlik’s abilities of a data structure for users other than that of BI.


The update offered by MicroStrategy improve the web browsing abilities of HyperIntelligence. It, further, accelerates BI functions on Android and iOS and includes data windows on Outlook. Overall, the update is known to boost the MicroStrategy’s functional productivity with Qlik, Microsoft’s Power BI, Tableau, and other related platforms.

  • The company has launched a stand-alone application for Android, which empowers users to utilize calendar-based alerts and search in the application only.


  • HyperIntelligence can now integrate to Microsoft Office Suite. The users can view the insights on their Outlook for both Windows and Mac clients.


  • HyperIntelligence offers dynamic links for the URLs. Using these features, customers can see insights on web applications and other applications.



Previously, we had to use an application for gaining access to the data structure of Qlik. The users were not able to utilize the data which was developed on different platforms of BI. But, Data Catalyst allows Qlik to collaborate through data with Power BI, Tableau, and other such BI tools.


Both Qlik and MicroStrategy are willing to move ahead of their potential. These two providers of business intelligence are trying to make things easier, better, and faster for its users. Hence, we will be expecting several exciting modifications in the future.

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