Top 10 Things To Mention in A Data Science Resume

The demand for data science professionals is increasing as we speak. Today, data is the key to many business activities. Whether you want to understand customer behavior, engage users, or evaluate the feasibility of a project, data science is definitely your go-to expert method.

However, although professionals understand the demand for their career field, they don’t understand the need for a good resume. You need to put everything right to make your potential employer want to hire you at any cost.

The first step towards making such a resume is to start by researching your potential employer. Know what they are looking forward to and customize your resume accordingly. It is simply too old-school to send a boring, same resume to everyone. Bring a change and start by customizing your resume based on the employer.

Below we have listed the things that you should absolutely include in your data science resume:

  • Educational qualifications and certifications. It is necessary to note that your data science employer won’t be interested in your content writing certificate. Add only if it is relevant. Of course, if you have too many certifications in data science, you can add others too to make yourself look knowledgeable.


  • Showcase your experience in the right manner. Most experienced professionals don’t face much issue because their industry experience gets them jobs. But, freshers need to frame their experience strategically. For instance, using a line, “Junior data scientist…” rather than “Fresher in data science field…”


  • Mention your skills and knowledge in the related areas such as the languages you have learned throughout your educational period. For instance, Python, R, SQL, etc.


  • Explain your area of work – in detail. This is important. Let your potential employer know that you understand your work and its details. This would give the impression that you are a skilled person in the data science field.


  • Include the projects you have undertaken up till now. Freshers can also add their educational projects if these projects are of good quality.


  • While many people don’t agree with this, you should definitely include your passion outside work. Many employers look out for people who are more than just their job because these people are known to be more productive and have less stress-oriented functioning.


  • If you are applying for a senior role, don’t forget to add your leadership qualities in the form of projects that were led by you. If not that, then showcase your leadership qualities throughout your resume with the help of different aspects such as managing an event, etc.


  • Don’t forget to introduce yourself. You are practically selling yourself to the employer so the starting of your resume or the elevator pitch should be worth remembering.


  • Remove the unnecessary points. You don’t have to add what you did in your college events if you have 5 years of experience. No one wants to know that. Go for quality, not quantity.


  • If you have more experience, 3 years or more, make the summary section the standing point of your resume. If you are a fresher, you need to start good, which means objective or introduction should be worth remembering.


Data scientists can easily get several more leads if they curate their resume in the right way. Consider the above tips and make your resume stand out.

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