Tech jobs are high in demand, here’s how to start your career as a Data Science

Tech jobs are currently in high demand and it’s seeming like this will be the trend when looking to the future as well. One job opportunity or path you may wish to take within the tech industry is data science.  

You may be unsure of how to begin preparing for or searching for Data Science Jobs and Tech Jobs. In this case, look no further than Motion Recruitment to step in and help you. Motion Recruitment is a leading and trusted advisor in the IT recruitment industry offering tech talent client solutions In IT staffing (tech recruitment) for both permanent and contract hires, and managed solutions. Here you can find out more about how to start your career as a data science and find the right data science jobs for you and your skills.

Ask Yourself if it’s Right for You

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Begin by learning more about what a data scientist does and see if it’s the right career for you or not. You should understand that there are several roles to choose from within the field so avoid limiting yourself right away as you explore your options. For instance, depending on your interests and skill set, you may want to consider being a data visualization expert, a machine learning expert, a data scientist, or a data engineer. Talk to some people in the industry to learn more about their daily responsibilities and then take a course or class on a particular area to see if it still interests you.

Determine what You Need to Learn

The next step when wanting to start a career as a data science or scientist is to figure out what you need to learn. While there’s a lot that you’ll want to master such as statistics, programming, and distributed computing, you need to know it all in-depth to get started on this career path. The field entails asking intelligent and interesting questions and then being able to answer these and problem solve using data. You’ll need a basic understanding of mathematics, in addition to having knowledge of programming language and the skills to work with data in that language. While you won’t need a Master’s or a Ph.D. degree to work in data science, you will want to have a Bachelor’s degree.

Obtain the Necessary Qualifications

Another piece of the puzzle when wondering how to start your career as a data science is to understand what qualifications you should acquire. When it comes to technical skills you should have excellent programming abilities in R or Python, excellent analytical and learning skills, as well as have experience in Deep Learning frameworks. As far as practical skills go, it’s important that you have the ability to begin initiatives, maintain a growth mindset, and not only drive performance but have accountability for what you do. When it comes to the soft skills that will be necessary to have it’s wise to focus on your communication skills, and leadership abilities, and that you have a readiness to collaborate and leverage relationships with stakeholders.

Concentrate on Practical Applications vs. Only Theory

When you’re thinking about going into data science then it’s also important that you focus on practical applications and not just theory. You must have a deeper understanding of how what you’re learning will be applied in real life and on the job. Always complete all the exercises and assignments during your coursework and find ways to apply your learning. Get in touch with people who work in the field currently and take a look at what types of solutions they’ve come up with. You may also want to consider participating in data science competitions and completing data science projects as another way to apply your learning.

Use the Right Resources & Network

As you explore data science and this career path further you should also use the right resources. Follow data scientists on social media and read their blogs for tips and to gain new knowledge. Read up on data science through books, white papers, and reports as well as get a better understanding of the most recent findings and happenings in the field. You must find the right and correct resources so that you aren’t adopting incorrect practices or advice.

You might also want to spend more time networking and meeting new people. Find out who you should get in touch with to learn more and would be willing to mentor you in your journey. You can also think about attending related conferences, events, and meetups to expand your network and find out more information about getting started in this career.

Develop Your Communication Skills

It’s mentioned above but communication skills become quite important in data science. It’s not just about problem-solving and programming but also about being able to properly and effectively communicate your findings and recommendations for improvement. You may have the technical skills necessary to do the job but employers want someone who can also speak the right language and get the message across correctly and clearly. Once you have solutions and ideas you need to be able to relay them to the right parties and do so successfully.   

Update Your Resume & Consider Using A Recruiter

Start your career in data science by keeping your resume game strong. Recruiters and potential employers will want to see it so make sure it’s updated. Prioritize highlighting your skills, projects you’ve worked on, certifications, and what unique abilities you bring to the role.

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Tech jobs are high in demand today and will continue to be in the future. These are some tips and ways on how to start your career as a data science. Regardless of which tech job you choose to explore further, always put your best foot forward and consider enlisting help from a professional recruiting agency to help you land the right role for you.

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