Top 20 Websites To Find Data Science Jobs


Today, data science jobs are some of the highest paying occupations on the planet. Data science jobs are on high demand from both the company and employee perspective. The current shortage of big data talent across the globe is well-documented. In 2018, there was a 56% demand for data science jobs in the U.S.


If you dream of having a lucrative career in the field of data sciences, stay tuned to this article as we will be discussing the 20 niche recruitment portals.


What Is Data Science?

Data science is a multidisciplinary field which blends tools, algorithms, data inferences, and machine learning principles to solve analytically complex problems and studies raw data to discover hidden patterns.


20 Best Job Portals For Data Science Jobs


1. Okra Jobs


This is an excellent platform which connects people with opportunities. It is advantageous for both recruiters and job seekers. It seamlessly supports millions of job users to find and land the perfect jobs. Some of the popular job categories okra focuses on are blockchain, data science, cybersecurity, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, etc.


2. Analytics jobs


Waste no more time in filtering your job searches and hunting down relevant vacancies. It hosts job postings relating to data analytics but the job board, however, is dedicated to data science job vacancies in the United Kingdom. It is owned and operated by Technojobs group for more than 20 years. It provides useful training and career information to help you stay up-to-date with the trends and requirements of the industry.




It is a straightforward website which focuses on current vacancies in fields such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, and big data. It offers options for all job types such as permanent, part-time, contract, etc. It is a job board which specifically serves the data science and AI community.

4. Amazon Jobs


Amazon provides a job opening for a broad spectrum of roles. Being a leader in technology, their job postings are listed on their website. Amazon is of the opinion that data scientists are a significant link between enterprises and the technical side of Amazon. If transforming and modeling data sets and providing insights to stakeholders interests you, Amazon Jobs is an excellent destination for both recent graduates and seasoned professionals.

5. Big Data Jobs


This was created by software engineers to help employers easily attract and identify big data talent. It serves as an alternative to headhunters and mass appeal job boards. Jobs can be filtered based on keywords, location, and distance. The current vacancies will be listed both on their job boards and Twitter to reach the vast group of data professionals. Listing details are also available in their weekly email newsletter.

6. Analytics Vidhya


It houses India’s largest online analytics community. One can search for jobs based on specific skills and location. These roles are primarily based in India with remuneration packages similar to North American and European markets. If you are a fresh graduate, you have ample opportunities here to network, learn, and get noticed. It also provides the best content related to data mining, R, Hadoop, etc. Here, you are given the opportunity to participate in hackathons, which provides you with the opportunity to engage with others.

7. Big Data Jobs Board


It is a leading website in Britain for big data jobs. Its primary objective is to connect top candidates with the best companies. To apply for the job opening on this platform, you would need to sign up on their website. You can look for jobs on this platform based on job title, location, and keywords.

8. Builtin


It is an excellent online community of startups and established tech companies which are spread across seven U.S. cities. It provides candidates exposure to latest industry news and trends, events, and location-specific startup scenes. The seven location-specific community pages are Chicago, Colorado, LA, Austin, Boston, Seattle, and NYC. Here, one can search for jobs based on industry, experience level, location, and keywords.

9. DataJobs


Founded by Frank Lo and Amy Lo, it focuses on two job categories, namely Data Technology and data science/ analytics. The data science category includes jobs such as performance analyst, data scientist, and analytics manager. The data technology segregation has jobs such as data quality engineer, data engineer, and senior information architect. One can search for jobs based on title, city, zip code, company, and keyword.

10. Data Elixir


It started as a private mailing list and grew into becoming one of the largest data science job boards in the country. Here, one can search for jobs based on location or keyword. It also offers the option of getting future vacancies of your selected job criteria emailed to you. All the jobs featured on the website are also shared on social media and through their email newsletter.

11. Digital Analytics Association


This is an active online community of data science professionals committed to shaping the future of analytics. It offers 13 job categories to choose from and some of them are consultant, associate, developer, and web analyst. You can look for jobs based on keywords, job status, and job category.

12. Data Science Report


It is the brainchild of Starbridge Partners, which is a leading recruitment and executive search firm which is in need of data science professionals. People at the executive and senior levels can use this platform. The job postings are updated every day.

13. Datanami


It is a news portal which provides information on trends, solutions, analysis, and insights. It brings together recruiters, leading companies, and top talent. It is available in Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages.

14. Hired


It is a career marketplace matching top tech talent with the planet’s most innovative organizations. It combines job matching with unbiased career counseling. One must take time to build their profile on Hired.

15. icrunchdata


It provides the latest news and trends in the data science space. It is related to data and analytics-related jobs and it connects potential candidates and employers. Clicking on the ‘Email me jobs like this’ button will help you receive the latest jobs directly in your inbox.

16. Glassdoor


It is one of the largest recruitment websites. It provides detailed salary reports, company reviews, CEO approval ratings, benefits reviews, and even office photos. Former and current employees share Company-related content. It provides candidates an in-depth view of the company which they want to join.

17. Kaggle


It houses the world’s largest community of machine learning engineers, statisticians, and data scientists. Members can post their vacancies and subscribe to updates on job openings. Results can be filtered based on salary, role, and experience level.

18. Smith Hanley Associates


It focuses on areas with specialized positions which demand companies and candidates to match perfectly. You will find a wide range of senior-level data science positions at Smith Hanley. Candidates can contact the recruiters directly, view the complete job listings, and need not create an account.

19. ZipRecruiter


What began as a small tool in 2010 to help distribute job postings cost effectively has now become a thriving marketplace for professionals in the U.S. and UK. One can also subscribe to their job alert email to receive daily alerts on positions.

20. StatsJobs


It focuses entirely on the job market for data analysts, data scientists, and statisticians. It posts jobs from reputed companies. Though they do not have an extensive job posting, data science and statistics jobs from across the globe are updated regularly. A candidate can directly apply for a job posting without registering an account.




The current scenario of the data science job market is that the demand for data science professionals exceeds the supply. Data-driven decision making is becoming popular. Companies right from small businesses, blogs, and local businesses to huge companies operate with a data science vision in mind. The business environment is becoming intense with competitors relying on data analytics for business operations, which implies that there is a greater chance of them getting hold of a significant market share. Hence, there is now a pressing need for incorporating data science tools and techniques to stay ahead of the world.