Top 5 Data Science Career Opportunities Shaping Your Future

Are you looking forward to starting a career in the field of Data Science? But wondering if data science is meant for you? The article below explains the importance of learning data science and associated career opportunities.

  • Understanding Data Science
  • Importance of learning Data Science
  • Career Opportunities with Data Science 
  • Why Certification from Global Tech Council
  • Conclusion


Understanding Data Science 

Data science has a lot of career opportunities and is one of the most coveted jobs globally. Its scope and infinite power of emergence have compelled all of us to learn this technology. If you are a beginner but an enthusiast to learn this flawless technology, getting enrolled in one of the best data science certification courses can give your career a good start.


Before discovering what all career opportunities does Data Science has, it is crucial to understand what it is all about.


Data science is the field of computer science that helps in providing meaningful information from large chunks of data. It uses big data and machine learning algorithms to interpret data for a better decision-making process. For example, if you have searched to purchase lipstick from Myntra, then Myntra will not spam but will display the varieties of those items to remind you to make a move. All credits to data science technology for making things so quick and straightforward for both companies and customers.


But know the question arises what gave rise to data science? The simple answer is the increasing amount of data from all the sectors. One thing that is sure from the above definition is that career opportunities are never going to end in the field of data science as data is never going to be extinct, but to increase.  Depending upon your area of interest, various companies are providing online data science training courses to make you ready for endless job opportunities. 


 Importance of learning Data Science


Without the expertise of professionals, it is nearly impossible to get your dream job. Global Tech Council is one of the best platforms that offer online data science training and certification courses. If you are in a dilemma to learn data science, we have got you covered. Here is a list of reasons that enlists why learning this technology is crucial.


  • The high demand for Data Analyst, Data Engineer
  • Develops the skills of problem-solving 
  • Endless job opportunities 
  • Increasing demand for the data science team in every field 
  • Provide a pathway for success in every facet of life.


Career Opportunities with Data Science


  • Data Analyst


Data Analyst analyzes the information using an analytics tool which is useful for organizations. They work with data to get insights, thus affecting the business decision process.


Skills Required to be the one.


  • Collecting, analyzing and reporting the results
  • Able to perform analysis on a large set of data.
  • Problem-solving capability


  • Data Scientist 


Data Scientist is one who performs a strategic search, clean, and organizes data to make it beneficial for companies and organizations. The below-mentioned skills will get you hired for the profession of Data Scientist.

Required Skills


  • Command on programming languages like python, SQL.
  • Understanding statistics tools is mandatory.
  • Familiar with machine learning methodologies


  • Data Engineer


A person who prepares data for analysis and performs the operation is a data engineer, less heard but most in demand. He has in-depth knowledge of backend development with tracking web analytics and performing A/B testing.

 Required Skills


  • Profound knowledge of SQL and programming language, Python.
  • Sound knowledge on cloud platforms especially in Amazon Web Service
  • Knowledge of Java or Scala will be an add on. 


  • Data Architect


Data Architect creates a database from scratch and regularly improves the way data is collected and stored. We can also call Data Architect as Technical Expert’. Online Data Science Developer courses and training provides learners with comprehensive and in-depth technical skills.


Required Skills


  • In-depth knowledge of data modeling and database design 
  • Profound knowledge of DBMS and RDBMS
  • Able to handle technologies like Hadoop, MapReduce, HBase, etc. 


  • BI Analyst


The one who analyzes data transforms data into insights is a BI Analyst that can help the organization to make business decisions.


Required Skill


  • Review and validate customer data as collected
  • Monitor analytics and metrics results
  • The combined knowledge of soft, technical and practical skills


Why Global Tech Council? 


Global Tech Council, recognized and valued worldwide, provides all the support you might need and guides you in making strategic career decisions. It covers the core concepts of data science with advanced topics like neural networks, machine learning, and R Programming, making you ready for all data science job roles. If you are looking for high-paid jobs, enroll yourself today in the best data science certification and training courses now. 




Professionals of data science are high in demand and can be seen as a future fuel of the 21st Century. At first, a career path may seem to be challenging, but with the right education, training, and certifications from the best platform like Global Tech Council, you can elevate your career and become a pro.

Want to become a Data Science developer? Why wait, enroll in the best online certification courses and become a data science expert. Check out more at Global Tech Council.


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