Top Reasons to Get Python Certification in 2020

Python is the top-recommended languages across the globe. Why do you think that is the case?

Simply because it offers an array of functionalities to its users. From artificial intelligence to web development, python is utilized in almost every field of information technology. Whether you want to create an automation algorithm or data science method, python can be utilized for it all.

This is why python programming certification in 2020 is important. With increasing market stress and the need for skilled Python developers, completing a python programming certification can help you gain an edge in the market. Let’s see how.


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  •     7 Reasons You Need Python Certification

o   Better Salary

o   Simple to Learn

o   Extensible

o   Data Science Support

o   Automation Usage

o   Data Visualization

o   Web Development

  •     Conclusion

This article will discuss the reasons why you should complete certification in python.

7 Reasons You Need Python Certification

1. Better Salary

The primary reason for completing python certification is the associated salary. It is an easy and simple language, which even beginners can learn. This is why python developers are given high importance in the industry. If you know advanced python and you have completed python programming certification, you can get a good salary.

Think about it, when industry leaders including Google, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, etc. are using it, then there is something in this programming language, which can get you a high-paying job. Globally, even an entry-level python developer can get up to USD 70,000 salary as a python developer.

2. Simple To Learn

It is not unlikely for learners to assume that python is hard to learn, considering the popularity of the language. However, in reality, it is a simple language with the easiest syntax and high readability. This is even better than other basic languages like C and C++.

Due to its simplicity, developers can soon become a pro in this language; rather have fun while developing applications.

3. Extensible

Python is a portable language. For example, if you have a piece of code in python based on Linux, which you wish to execute in Windows, you can do it without any bottleneck. This code can be executed on any platform for flawless services.

More than this, python is also extensible. Amazing, right? This means that you can write and execute a piece of python code in C and C++. You can even compile it in C and C++.

4. Data Science Support

Python is an open-sourced, friendly language for users. It can seamlessly execute possibly anywhere. It is not shocking to see python being utilized in various data science tools.

  • When data science tools are made using Java or C, the code implementation time is just too much when compared to python. This language has minimized debugging codes for faster, improved execution.


  • Other languages like Java can’t solve the scalability issue of data science tools. But, python can. It can help in scaling the application later.


  • Python users have wide access to the libraries of AI and ML such as Pytorch, Scikit, Seaborn, etc.


  •  Python programming certification helps you to utilize extensive visualization for data science tools. For example, web-ready plots, and graphical layouts.


5. Automation Usage

Python is an open-source language used for scripting. This is why it can be easily utilized to automate. In fact, even a beginner-level python developer can learn the basics of the language to develop scripts for automation of elements.

For instance, you can write a script to check runtime errors or interpret and read the code.

6. Data Visualization

Python has something for every activity in its bag. Don’t you think?

Python has multiple tools that can help in data visualization such as Seaborn, pygal, gleam, missingno, etc. With these robust tools, you can make sense of even complicated datasets. As already discussed above, you can visualize through pie charts, graphs, interactive plots, etc.

7.     Web Development

Python simplifies the process of web development. It has frameworks like Hug, Falcon, CherryPy, Bottle, TurboGears, etc. Using these frameworks, you can write a stable code in less time. You can even automate standard implementations, which can help you decrease development time.


There are various reasons to learn python and complete a certification in the python programming language. The simplest reason is improved knowledge through a structured approach. You can gain the required knowledge and understand practical implementation under expert guidance. Hence, visit the website now and complete a python programming certification from Global Tech Council.


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