Most Popular Languages For Machine Learning in 2020

Machine Learning is a domain of computer science that involves computational process and recognition in artificial intelligence. Machine learning approaches are constantly being evolved.


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Machine learning is a domain of Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning provides automated decision processes based on data inputs. This sector is closely associated with computer statistics. It is building and learning mechanisms that can predict several data sets without manual code.


It is quite challenging to discuss just one machine learning language. The popularity and demand for computer languages change every year. Here, in this below article, we have discussed the most popular languages for machine learning.

  • Python 


Python language holds a crucial position among all other machine learning languages. It is one of the widely used machine languages. It is open-source, adaptable, and easy to learn. This language has a rich collection of tools and libraries such as Keras, Teano, and Numpy. Today, Python language is used in several domains of software development. From deployment to evolution, Python helps programmers to be confident and productive about machine learning projects. It is one of the preferred machine learning languages for beginners who want to enhance their careers and capabilities.


Key features of Python

  • Object-Oriented
  • Easy to understand
  • GUI programming
  • Portable
  • Open-source language
  • Integrated language
  • Robust Libraries
  • Scalable
  • Supports several programming standards
  • Extensible
  • Automated waste collection


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  • R Language


R is a distinctive language used for virtualization, analysis, and statistical computing in machine learning. It is most preferable in the bioinformatics, biomedical and bioengineering sector. R is a kind of vector programming and can do several things at once. This language is best suited for machine research projects, artifacts reports, and papers.


Key features of R

  • Compatible
  • Large Library
  • Fast calculation
  • Open-source language
  • Huge packages



  • Julia


Julia programming is a modern, open-source, significant, and elite language. This language is used for logical calculations and data manipulations. It is a dynamic and high-performance language. It also includes libraries for regular expression, linear algebra, logical calculations, and random generation numbers. Using Julia programming means you are totally ready for machine learning concepts. Julia programming language provides magnificent native tools for machine learning projects.


Key Features of Julia Language are as follows

  • Dynamic type of system
  • Multiple dispatches
  • Meta programming language
  • Package manager



  • Scala


Scala programming is a development of Java language. This language offers services for machine analysis and big data operations. It offers developers to program, deploy, code, and design machine learning mechanisms. All projects related to machine logical data are solved with the help of the Scala language.


Key Features of Scala Language are as follows.

    • Control Concurrency
    • Interface type of language
    • Statically language
    • Traits


  • Immutability


  • Object-oriented



  • JavaScript


JavaScript is dynamic, interpreted, untyped and multi-paradigm language. This language can run on mobile, servers, cloud, controllers, browsers, containers, and devices. Programmers who are new to the machine learning sector should prefer this language for enormous applications. JavaScript is so easy that even non-technical people can use this language. The circle of JavaScript developers is increasing with the implementation of Node JavaScript.


Key Features of JavaScript Language


  • User control
  • Scripting language
  • Interpreter based
  • Object-based




  • Java


Java is basically known for its platform independence language. This language supports a multi-thread paradigm. Java language also helps machine learning experts. Java language has several kinds of tools and libraries for machine learning. This language offers package services, easy debugging, simplification, better customer interconnection, and graphical data. It is known as a secure programming machine learning language because of sandboxes and byte code.


Key Features of Java

  • Platform independent
  • Secure machine learning language
  • Portable
  • Multithreaded
  • Object-based language
  • Robust
  • Neutral Architecture


Machine Learning is a vast sector that requires knowledge in several languages and areas. Machine learning projects vary from simple software projects.

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