Best Big Data Companies

Companies today are realizing the value of Big Data experts. As a result, they are hiring skilled individuals on attractive packages. Here are few job titles and top 5 big data companies that require big data skill. These are Data Engineer, Big Data Engineer, Machine Learning Scientist, Business Analytics Specialist, Data Visualization Developer and many more. Companies are(1) IBM : IBM is listed at # 43 in Forbes list with a Market Capitalization of $162.4 billion as on May 2017. The company’s operation is spread across around 170 countries and largest employer with around 414,400 employees. HP Enterprise: headquartered is in Palo Alto, California. HPE has a Market capitalization of $27.93 Billion and revenue of $50.1B as on 2016. Around 195,000 employees are working with HPE. HP Enterprise (HPE) has built up a strong portfolio in Big Data products in a very short time span. Teradata: Headquarter at Dayton, Ohio. Teradata has more than 10K employees across 43 countries and around 1,400 customers with a Market Capitalization of $7.7B. It has extensive 35+ years of experience in innovation and leadership Oracle: Offers fully integrated cloud applications, platform services with more than 420,000 customers and 136,000 employees across 145 countries. It has a Market capitalization of $182.2 billion and sales of $37.4 B as per Forbes list SAP: It is the largest business software company founded in 1972 with headquarters in Walldrof, Germany. It has a Market Capitalization of $119.7 billion with total employee count as 84,183 as on May 2017. As per the Forbes list, SAP has sales of $24.4 billion and profit of around $4 B with 345,000 customers.