Entry Level Data Scientist Salary

Entry level data science salary is comparatively higher than the wages in other entry-level IT jobs. On an average entry level, data scientist gets $68,999/year. To get entry-level data scientist Job individuals go through training and certifications from various authorities such as Global Tech Council. Data science certification and training provided by Global Tech Council has proved to be the crucial factor in starting career n data science. The salary of the data scientist goes higher according to the experience. Data science is one of the highest paying fields today. There are various reasons for a data scientist salary to be on the higher side. The gap in supply and demand is one of the reason. Tech giants are utilizing data science for extracting out insightful information from the big data the demand od data scientists have risen steeply over a few years. And is relatively a new specialized field of study there are not adequate data scientists available to fulfill the requirements. All this have led to higher compensations for the certified data scientist. Hence, choosing data science as a field of work is indeed a wise decision.