Ethereum Developer Salary in Russia

Russia has been quite dominant and upfront about it is take on cryptocurrency. The fintech blockchain businesses in Russia is booming and there is an incessant hiring of Ethereum developers. These Ethereum developers know how to make cryptocurrency, how to make smart contracts, how to build an application on Solidity etc. However, knowing all this, how much should an Ethereum developer can earn in Russia? Simply put, if you have a good enough experience and certification from a recognized authority, one should easily expect a salary around $2500 USD – $5000USD. This is an ideal range for an Ethereum Developer Salary in Russia.

The general range of salary figures in Russia in Rubles is 150,000 rubles to 350,000 rubles and by certain reports and sources, it has been increasing annually and we would see consistent growth in due time. The salary grade is still high by Russian standard compared to other technology salaries. Russian companies are striving for more Ethereum people experienced in Crypto, Smart Contract, Security Audit etc and have a deep understanding of cryptocurrency dynamics. The Certified CryptoCurrency Expert from Global Tech Council trains and explains the same dynamics.