Ethereum Developer Salary in UK

According to sources, there has been a rise in blockchain jobs as well as a rise in blockchain salaries in European Markets.  The average Ethereum Developers Salary in UK is around £68,000 which is considerably good as compared to another technological professional salary.

There are organizations that provide in-house training for such technologies themselves but have a high demand for trained and certified developers who can very well ask for a higher pay scale than the average salary. It’s a lesser hassle for some companies where other companies may find it more optimal to train their employees instead of running a hiring campaign.

The demand in UK companies has been met very satisfactorily and even the government is having expert consultants for blockchain for their references.

Blockchain Council partners with such companies and organize training sessions in various intervals for Ethereum developers (Certified Solidity or Smart Contract Developer) or for managers and Analysts (Certified Ethereum Expert).