How can you build a data science and machine learning (DSML) roadmap in 2022?

Machine learning and data science are the two most popular subdomains of artificial intelligence technology. Globally, employers look for individuals with robust knowledge and skills in both of these fields. Moreover, the majority of business operations depend upon these smart technologies in one way or the other. For example, a business needs to extract valuable data relevant to its business operations to make better work decisions. 

Thus, planning a career in data science and machine learning can help you to have a promising profession. However, you need to collect the best data science certification or machine learning certification first. Furthermore, due to the spread of the internet and e-learning platforms, finding reliable courses has become much more accessible to any ordinary internet user. But aside from certifications, you also need to plan a proper roadmap to accelerate your successful career in either of these fields. 

So let us learn how you can build a roadmap for machine learning and data science. 

Select a programming language

The very first step to building your data science and machine learning roadmap is choosing the correct programming language. Although there are a number of programming languages that experts consider essential in the technical sector, the most applicable languages include R programming and python. In fact, you will find that most of your courses for machine learning and data science online training teach with R and Python languages only. 

Furthermore, Python is a very simple language to learn. Also, it is heavily used across industries, especially for the development of machine learning models and applications. In fact, machine learning has its own library with its writing in Python, the Sklearn.

Moreover, Python makes it easier for users to switch their domain. Additionally, you get to leverage a few of the famous frameworks, including Flask and Django, for backend development. 

So your first Target to cover in this roadmap is clear. However, to accelerate your learning choose data science training online or a machine learning certification program that focuses on teaching these two languages to beginners alongside the course work. 

Get hold of high school level linear algebra

If you want to master data science and machine learning technology, then having expertise in linear algebra is necessary. In fact, learning linear algebra will help you to sync your models and applications with maximum flexibility. Also, it will make it easier to understand how the ML models work. 

One important thing to note here is that you must consider learning the programming language along with linear algebra parallelly. In fact, it is a popular technique known as “the parallel conquering technique” to accelerate learning. Although you can get numerous notes on algebra in the form of PDFs and other files on the web, try to take any of the best online tutorials available to grasp the concept quickly. Further, having a clear concept will make your journey to complete your data science certification much smoother. However, you can also use PDF notes to revise your learnings. 

Gain the knowledge around Statistics and probability

Statistics and probability are the fundamentals of both data science and machine learning. Hence, it indicates that you have to involve exercises and chapters dedicated to statistics and probability in your roadmap to master DSML technology. 

Gain an in-depth understanding of DSML algorithms

When you want to master data science and machine learning, having a clear understanding of their algorithms becomes crucial. Here, both these advancements use specific computational methods to observe and learn the patterns and information from the available data without needing to depend on a predefined function as a model. More so, these algorithms tend to perform better with the more samples they get. 

Here are a few computational methods that are common in the development of DSML algorithms:

  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Clustering
  • Gradient Descent
  • Unsupervised vs supervised learning
  • Basic Linear Regression

For learning these methods, you can take the help of DS and ML-based books available on the web or online paid/free tutorials. In addition to this, you can look through available school-level data science online training programs that include the topics mentioned above in the coursework. Due to the increasing use of data science and machine learning technology across industries, finding all levels of machine learning certification or data science certification has become much more common. 

Learn all the essential Python libraries

Usually, experts suggest focusing on Numpy and Pandas Python libraries. Learning Python libraries will help you to debug the sklearn or Python codes. Hence, these libraries are going to be an important factor in helping in the smooth run of your DSML programs. 

Learn how to deploy DSML applications

For a successful deployment of your DSML applications and models, you will need to have extensive knowledge and working familiarities with frameworks including Flask and Django. By doing so, you’ll be able to provide a powerful backend to your ML models. Additionally, you can use Kubernetes and Docker to ship and execute your DSML models faster. 

Once you follow all these steps in your roadmap, you will be able to create your custom web applications for data science and machine learning domains. Furthermore, ensure you keep checking the availability of the best data science certification and enroll in the program as soon as you find the admission slot. Once you finish your ML and data science training online, you will be able to claim a verified certificate on these domains. Further, you can leverage your certificate to stay ahead of the competition when applying for vacancies to your desired employers. 


The prevalence of machine learning technology and data science in the technological sector is evolving with the creation of every new advancement. Today, the majority of business-related software and tools employ DSML algorithms together as well as separately to carry out their everyday work operations. Hence, having expertise and certifications in these domains will bring you a bright future. For more content like this, give a visit to the GLOBAL TECH COUNCIL