Jobs in Distributed Ledger Technology

Just 10 years ago, Distributed Ledger Technology (often referred to as DLT) was a rare terms used for hypothetical discussions among computer scientists which today is a hot market for various applications.

As per reports, Blockchain will be a 7,683million USD advertising by 2022. DLT job market is soaring like anything and the upcoming technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and so forth will be looking forward to treating it as an integral part of their systems. A Imagine any high-level application software and a highly secure database which is theoretically un-hackable.

With a worldwide average annual compensation of $150,000 USD and minimum $50USD per hour rates for freelancers, Jobs in Distributed Ledger Technology are the most secure vocation move of all area due to its capacity to be an outfit by different spaces like AI, Data Science and so forth.

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