Jobs in NEO

NEO is China’s own version of Ethereum which it launched 4 years ago to compete with Ethereum. NEO has a lot of backing especially from the Chinese Government making it very well-paid job profile for NEO developers.


NEO offers easy adoption as compared to Ethereum. Anyone with knowledge of C++, C#, java can start working on NEO and start building solutions. More so, due to the ability of being able to run 10,000 transactions per second where Ethereum has 15 transactions per second, theoretically it is a better opportunity to choose NEO


Though there is no NEO Certification program yet, Global Tech Council’s Certification programs are centered around programs like Certified Blockchain Developer which gives you an understanding how blockchain works which developers can harness with their existing knowledge of JAVA, C++ or C# and start building solutions and careers on top. Check out the courses here.