Benefits Of Internet Of Things In The Entertainment Sector

Imagine this:

You woke up early and headed out of home to have a nice, long morning jog. On your way out, you realized that you left your phone at home. But, looking at the piece of technology on your hand, you realized it doesn’t matter. This piece of technology is Apple Watch and it has made possible for people to leave their phones at home through the Internet of Things.

It is evident that IoT is a technology that enables connecting of devices through the use of the internet – allowing devices to interact with humans, other applications, and devices.

In the past decade, we have seen IoT rise so much that it now has the power to bring a wave of economic growth. From cameras to sensors, everything has started using IoT. Organizations across the world are using IoT to expand their working and provide new, exciting solutions to the users.

However, though we have only a few smart IoT enabled devices in our day to day lives, factories, industries, and corporates use IoT devices on daily basis. Research even says that IoT usage on a global level will increase to USD 6.2 trillion by the year 2025. Additionally, it is believed that the entertainment industry will alone contribute USD 2.5 trillion to this count.

Let’s dive in and evaluate how the Internet of Things can benefit the entertainment Industry.

Internet of Things in Entertainment

From scheduled TV shows to live streaming and video-on-demand, the entertainment industry has evolved a lot. A lot. Earlier, we would free our time slots to watch our favorite shows. But, now, you can stream live or watch on various all-time apps.

Apart from this, it is essential to note that the entertainment industry is all about advertisements. If you remove the ads from entertainment, the industry can completely die. IoT has the power to streamline ads too. Using the power of the Internet of Things, entertainment giants can analyze which ads to display, how the placement should be, and all the other possible aspects. This can improve the revenues received from the advertisements.

1. Targeted Advertising

Switching the channel or dropping a YouTube video when you see unrelated ads is common to us, right?

This goes without saying that we all don’t like to see ads that are irrelevant to us. But, with the Internet of Things, organizations can collect huge amounts of user data to know the type of ads users wants to see. This will help them reach out to the audience in an impactful manner, which will increase the chances of converting people to customers.

2. Expanding Outreach

What if you were able to find out the type of content and nature of ads your users want to see? If you can somehow acquire this information, you can put all your advertising efforts in the right direction. IoT helps you figure out just that. Using this technology, you can predict customer response to a certain type of ad. Further, actuators and sensors have the power to deliver adaptive user experience, which is definitely more engaging than what we have experienced even 5 years back.

3. Immersive Content

Aren’t immersive games just the best thing we have today? These games utilize IoT and sensors to deliver interactive gaming experience and making gaming devices smarter. If this IoT technology is paired with augmented reality or virtual reality, the gaming experience additionally increases.


Internet of Things is particularly a blessing for the entertainment industry. From being able to provide an immersive gaming experience to helping marketers build user-specific campaigns, IoT makes everything possible. When paired with different technologies, IoT leads to an additionally interactive involvement – finally delivering a high-quality experience to users.

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