Python: Why Is It so Popular?

Python is an amazing programming language. If we put it simply, then it can offer something to every industry or technical field. Python experts are using this language for more than 28 years now, and its importance is not decreasing anytime soon.

But how is this possible?

We are going to explore exactly that in this article. Let’s dive in and see why the python crash course can be your best career decision.

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  •     Why Python Programming Certification is Popular?
  1.     Easy to Learn
  2.     Supportive Community
  3.     Amazing Libraries
  4.     Efficient and Fast
  5.     Support Machine Learning
  6.     Automation Support
  •     Conclusion

Python is one of the best programming languages for machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence, big data, etc. Let’s see why this language is used in almost every booming field.

Why Python Programming Certification is Popular?

It is not uncommon for candidates to anticipate the efficiency of the python language. The popularity of the language is intimidating. Below we have cleared the air of confusion to some extent.

1. Easy to Learn

Python crash course is popular because the language is easier to learn. This is the top reason why it is still being utilized after 28 years since its first usage.

So, this directly indicates that newcomers, college-passouts, and beginners can easily grab and understand the concepts of this accessible language. The major reason behind it is simplified syntax and uncomplicated structure that is more inclined towards natural language.

You can learn and execute python code more quickly when compared to other languages.

2. Supportive Community

We already know how old is this language, right?

Now, imagine how strong is the community of python. It has matured over the years and multiple developers have grown with this community. Hence, it has a strong foundation, which can be utilized by budding programmers today.

You will get video tutorials, guides, and other documentation through these communities. This means that you gain a lot of material to improve your skills in this programming language.

In fact, programmers who face issues while working on this language or on a project can instantly reach out to the community for support. Getting expert help in initial stages is extremely important for the vital language development in an individual.

3. Amazing Libraries

Considering its supportive community and corporate help, python has great libraries that save a lot of your time, resources, and efforts – at least initially. There are so many cloud services that offer support in the form of library tools or NLP and machine learning libraries.

Here are some frameworks and libraries you can use:

  •     SciPy for mathematics, sciences, and applications.
  •     matplotib for graphs and charts.
  •     NumPy for enhanced scientific computing skills.
  •     Django to enhance web development of the server-side.
  •     BeautifulSoup for XML and HTML.

4. Efficient and Fast

If you would ask any python expert, they would answer without a doubt that python is quick and efficient. It is more reliable than various other modern languages. The efficiency of this language can be judged by how this language is used in various environments – almost every environment. This is without any performance issues.

If you think about it, then the versatility of this language is its best feature. Whether you want to make desktop apps or use it for hardware programming, python is an attractive option for all these environments.

5. Support Machine Learning

Python crash course can help you enter the field of machine learning, cloud computing, and even big data. Did you notice that all these techs are currently in trend?

Now, you know what we are trying to say.

The hottest trends are powered by python to achieve improved workflows and processes. After R, python is the most utilized programming language for building machine learning, big data, and cloud computing applications.

6. Automation Support

If python can support machine learning, it is obvious that this language supports automation. Multiple modules and tools are available which can help you achieve automation easily.

It is amazing that python is the language that is used to write automation code for testing as well. Today, multiple organizations use automation testing for continuous development and integration. This automation testing is possible because of the python crash course.


These are just some of the reasons why python’s growth rate is great. After you start working on this language or register for a python crash course, you will realize that this programming language is everywhere – quite literally. You will find it in academics, corporate applications, etc. So, hold on to your passion for python and start learning.