Top 5 Google Products that Use ML Behind the Scenes

”Machine learning is a core, transformative way by which we’re rethinking how we’re doing everything. We are thoughtfully applying it across all our products: search, ads, YouTube, or Play. And we’re in early days, but you will see us –in a systematic way — apply machine learning in all these areas.” – Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google)


Google is omnipresent, and machine learning has been a part of Google for long. Now, ML seems to be everywhere from Google Search to Google Translate. The parent company of Google is also heavily investing in machine learning research across all imaginable fields. Google has mastered machine learning making our lives easy via its applications. It is a machine learning first company that applies AI to new domains, helping develop easily accessible tools.


With Machine Learning, Google is developing intelligent systems capable of autonomous decision making. It learns from past instances through pattern matching and statistical analysis. This article will see how Google is currently using features developed by machine learning experts in its products.


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Do you know Google plans to integrate machine learning in all its operations fully? This makes machine learning training a necessity for the jobs of the future.


Machine Learning


Machine learning is the most talked about technology today as it is embedded everywhere in our daily lives. It is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that allows the machine to learn from experiences and make necessary decisions based on the classified information. Google is using machine learning to provide valuable and personalized customer experience. Google uses satellite data and AI to prevent illegal trade. This is just one optimized use case. Google has mastered all with sophisticated machine learning from image search to translation, allowing computers to interact like humans. “Ok, Google, provide me with top 5 Google products that use Machine Learning behind the scenes.”




Gmail’s Smart reply is a fantastic feature favored by busy professionals. Machine learning is used to generate automatic replies to emails. Christine reports that one-tenth of emails that are responded to using a mobile uses this feature. This is quite an achievement. The system is smart and learns from the user’s choice of suggested replies. Plausible replies to real-life mails define success. This makes professional life less stressful.

Another feature is mail filtering. Google labels mail as social, primary, and promotional. Machine learning plays a crucial part here. If the user marks a mail-in a consistent direction, Gmail performs real-time tuning and learns for the future. Along with these, smart compose is the best product by Google. The cherry on the cake is the availability of support in four other languages than English.


Google Translate


If you wish to translate a text to an unknown language or verify if you have translated it correctly, then Google Translate is the tool. It is not 100% accurate due to different structures of languages. However, it is efficient in translating text, images, and real-time videos. The background process is machine learning, Statistical machine translation (SMT), to be specific. This involves analyzing millions of documents that have translated text for basic vocabulary and common patterns. These documents are human translated, and Google Translate makes educated guesses to give appropriate translation as the output. International students across the globe use the translator to fit into foreign countries with new languages. People traveling abroad have found great use in figuring out subway banners, street signs, and navigation-related texts. It is a fantastic piece of technology that saves a lot of time and effort.


Google Assistant


Google offers Google Voice Search, which allows you to use Google search by speaking the keywords. It’s Google’s equivalent to Siri by Apple and is said to be quick, relevant, and more in-depth. It is also integrated with its other products like YouTube and Google Maps.

Google Assistant can help you organize your calendar, tell you places to eat nearby, book movie tickets, etc. It can do all this using Image Recognition, Natural Language Processing, and Google Knowledge Graph. It can be seen as a chatbot connected to your TV, phone, speakers, etc., that can have a conversation with you. Natural Language Processing- a subsidiary of machine learning is used to formulate answers to our questions. In addition, Google Knowledge Graph provides the gathered information. If you have a smartphone, Google can take care of everything from household chores to a deal worth millions. 


Google Photos


Google photos offer unlimited photo and video storage for both Android and iOS users. The photos can be backed up to the cloud service. It is best in terms of expert’s standards because of the seamless synchronization and integration. The photos can be accessed anytime from any device at a single location. The app uses machine learning to identify different kinds of pictures. It has been trained to learn to recognize images. It can organize pictures of the same objects or people using image recognition. The photos also display the location they were taken at. It also helps in decluttering and down spacing. The best results are offered because of deep learning, which is a subset of machine learning learned from millions of photos available on the internet.


Google Maps and Search


Machine learning is also employed in basic activities like Google Search, as when typing in the search box, it provides suggested key terms. These suggestions are based on past searches, trends, and your location. Coming to Google maps, it tells about expected traffic delays by getting real-time data. Google forecasts this with the help of a combination of traveled distance, time, and other individual events. Similarly, it predicts the ETA (estimated time of arrival). Machine Learning has made it possible for Google to help you with your daily tasks.




Now, you are aware of how machine learning is used behind the scenes of the applications you have been using to make your life easy. Google is stronger than ever because of the availability of data. To enable new solutions to modern age problems, Google is always looking for Certified Machine Learning Experts. If you want to be one, take up the best certification for machine learning provided by Global Tech Council.

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