Twitter Acquires Fabula AI, ML Start-Up to Detect Network Manipulation

Did you know that Twitter recently shut down approximately 2,800 accounts that were fake?

This is not something that happened months back, this happened in May – hardly a month ago.

All this because of Fabula AI, which Twitter acquired only recently.

The London-based company, Fabula AI was started by a machine learning technology enthusiast. They posted a blog in February, which says that Geometric Deep Learning is perfect when it comes to detecting and identifying fake news.

Twitter, on the other hand, believes that Fabula AI is one of the greatest machine learning platforms that can be utilized for detecting manipulation in the network. This is achieved through graph deep learning, which further offers the ability to evaluate complex and large datasets along with extracting signals in a manner that was not possible with traditional ML.

Earlier this year, Techcrunch revealed that Fabula AI has the power to report fake news correctly 93 percent of times.

3rd June, Parag Agarwal posted a blog on Twitter saying, “This strategic investment in graph deep learning research, technology and talent will be a key driver as we work to help people feel safe on Twitter and help them see relevant information.”

He then explained how analyzing the tweets, likes, and retweets of users can help Twitter maintain healthy conversations and increase user engagement.

We are positive that following this acquisition, Twitter will curb fake news and accounts and help its user securely browse the social site.