Reasons why Python remains most popular programming Language to Learn

Coding is one of the most important languages to learn in this technological era. Starting from simple web development to robotics, coding is an essential part. There are many coding languages now, but python is standing as the most popular coding language in the market. Guido van Rossum created it in 1980.

Table of Contents:

  • 7 Reasons Why Python is So Popular:
    • 1.   Easy to Learn and Use:
    • 2.   Python Community:
    • 3.   Libraries:
    • 4.   Wide Range of Resources:
    • 5.   Machine Learning, IoT, and Automation:
    • 6.   Big Data, Data Science, and Cloud Computing:
    • 7.   Efficiency, Speed, Reliability:
  • Conclusion:

At present, the market share of Python is 30.6%, and it is gaining incredible growth. It is a trend to learn the language in the computer science field. All the beginners choose python to start their journey of coding. Here we will discuss the main reasons for the popularity of learning Python.

7 Reasons Why Python is So Popular:

Students of computer science choose Python as a must-know language. Not only that, but beginners are also choosing Python as their first language to learn. Below are some of the reasons why Python is so popular.

1.   Easy to Learn and Use: 

Python is straightforward in comparison to any other programming language. It is designed identical to English, making it easier to learn. One can understand this language without much effort. This is the best self-learning coding language, and even beginners can learn this language without having any prior knowledge of coding. Because of its easy-to-learn structure, students who want to start their coding journey choose the Python programming language. Python makes its name in the list of the kids’ programming languages as well.

2.   Python Community: 

This is the best user-friendly, efficient, and quick help place for all Python programmers. In short Python, Community is the one-stop solution for all Python coding-related problems. This community was created 30years ago and has matured tremendously by supporting programmers. Beginners can get all types of documents, guidelines, videos, or much more to clear their doubts. In addition, the community has Python Documentation by Python Software Foundation, PyCon, which holds conferences several times each year, Django Documentation for Django-related support, and much more. This is one of the most exceptionally active programming language communities and one of the main reasons for the popularity of this language.

3.   Libraries: 

Python has an enormous number of inbuilt libraries. These libraries work as a helping hand for all the coders. Using these libraries saves time and quickly solves complex problems. It also has different libraries for different applications, like, scikit for machine learning, NumPy for scientific computing, panda for data frames, BeautifulSoup for HTML, and much more. These highly beneficial libraries of Python make it more popular among coders.

4.   Wide Range of Resources: 

A person can start learning python at any time and anywhere as python has a wide range of resources available online. One can quickly get an excellent free-of-cost course for Python programming language. Some of them are Google Python Class, Codecademy, FreeCodeCamp, etc.

5.   Machine Learning, IoT, and Automation: 

Machine learning, IoT development, automation are some of the hottest trends. All of these are using Python as their primary language. All the research and development of these fields are taking place in the Python language. Python enables coders to write a few lines of code for complex automation tools. Python libraries are boosting the work of machine learning projects. It is heavily used in IoT development. So it becomes essential for one to learn Python to make progress in these new progressive fields.

6.   Big Data, Data Science, and Cloud Computing: 

After R, Python is the second most popular and used language in the field of Data Science. Lots of data processing workloads of organizations are powered by Python only. Python gives easy analyzing and organizing techniques for usable data. Python has the inbuilt ability to support massive data processing. This ability makes Python the best fit for Big Data. Python also powers some of the most complex applications of cloud computing. All these subjects are trendy and crucial new age subjects. They also make Python so popular among coders.

7.       Efficiency, Speed, Reliability: 

Python is a faster language in comparison to any other coding language. It can work in any environment without any performance loss. Its efficiency and reliability make it perfect for new age subjects like machine learning, deep learning, AI, etc. it can be used in mobile applications, desktop applications, web development, hardware development, and many more. This versatile and wide range of usage makes it the most popular programming language.


Many programming languages in the computer science field like C, C++, Java, C#, kotlin, MatLab, R, etc. The list is a long one. Still, the popularity of Python is unmatched. According to research, 4 out of 5 developers use Python as their primary programming language, and 56% of Python developers work independently in their working projects. In recent times Python developers outnumbered Java developers as well. All these figures show the popularity of Python. At the current time, there are more than 9000 works that are readily available for Python developers. All these reasons make Python’s popularity skyrocket. All the new age subjects use Python; this indicates its popularity and usage will only grow in the future. And this becomes the primary programming language to learn for all the coders. Python is equally popular among professional developers and beginners. If you are looking for a place to learn python programming, you should check out the courses offered by Global Tech Council.