Robots that are going to change the world

Robots have been our subject on interest since decades. The concept of a machine which looks like a human and surpasses human intelligence in many ways, interacting, doing daily chores and even exceptional work excites us. Robots are a reality today.

Advancements in robotics are touching new milestones every day. Here is a list of 5 exceptional robots that can change the world.


Double is a robot that makes teleportation almost possible. Double is essentially a stick with motorized wheels and a screen attached to it. It lets you attend conferences or events when you are far away even on another continent. You can move around spaces and interact with people.

It has Lateral Stability Control it is essentially a shock absorbing mechanism. It maintains lateral stability while traversing through obstacles such as cords, bumps, inclined or declined surfaces.

It has a power drive option. It lets the robot to go up to 80% faster than normal driving speed, in case the driver has to move large distances.

It has a 5-megapixel camera. It provides a 150-degree view for a broad view with an ‘Always-on Floor View’ for increased spatial awareness.


Pepper is claimed to be the first ever robot that can recognize and respond to human emotions. Pepper has two HD cameras, four microphones, and a 3D sensor embedded in his head, which recognize facial expressions and speech patterns.

Pepper is a robot designed to make people happy. Pepper connects with people as it assists them, and share knowledge with them. Pepper is friendly and engaging. Pepper is an intelligent walking, talking robot that mimics human in many ways thus extends a feeling of a companion.

3.Ekso GT

Robotics have immense potential when it comes to healthcare. Ekso Bionics, a  Richmond, California based company has been developing robots that aid in recovery or provide support to the physically challenged.

Ekso GT is a robot that helps spinal trauma and stroke victims to recover fully and walk again. Esko GT has titanium and aluminum made battery-powered motors that assist the wearer to walk. When patients move their hips forward, the device initiates steps. It also provides adaptive therapy with software.

4.LG Rolling Bot

LG Rolling Bot is a ball-shaped robot that can be used as a home security monitoring and pet entertainment.LG’s Rolling Bot is all set to revolutionize your home. Essentially it’s a mobile home monitor: you can remotely control this ball-shaped device through your phone and receive video and audio footage. Through your home’s Wi-Fi network, the bot can also connect and interact with other smart-home devices, such as your TV and lights. You can roll this ball around your house remotely when you’re away on holiday to check on everything.

There’s a pet mode, too. Once activated, the ball will shine a laser pointer so you can play with your cat. Isn’t it cool?


If you hate to cook or just feel too lazy to do it, but love to eat delicious home-cooked food. Don’t worry; robots could serve you soon.

Moley Robotics has made the world’s first kitchen robot. The system is a standard kitchen which includes robotic arms and humanoid hands that can stir and garnish food, replacing the cook. Once you physically cook a meal first the robot masters and then independently prepares the same meal on your wish. Moley cooks with the skill and flair of a master chef. Now that’s something every woman wants indeed!

Robots are practically living with us and making our lives easier. The day is not far when we will often come across robots walking on the streets.

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