Top 10 Best Virtual Reality Games for iPhone

Beware! Once you cross this path and play virtual reality-based games, 2D games would no longer interest you.

Well, that is the power of virtual reality.

The best part is now you have the ability to play these games on your iPhone. This is surprising to many people as Google doesn’t go along with Apple and Google Cardboard is the most famous driver of VR games in the smartphone.

However, in reality, your iPhone has the capability of working inside any Google Cardboard. You only have to find good games and start playing. And we have made this easier for you. Check out the list of 10 best virtual reality games that you can download in your iPhone.

  • End Space VR which makes you a fighter pilot. You have to remove the waves coming from alien attackers. The graphics and the whole simulation of the game are simply amazing. Ideally, you should use a gamepad but if you don’t have it, you can use gaze-based shooting and aiming.


  • InCell VR takes you inside the human anatomy. You have to remove the diseased elements or viruses to reduce cell destruction. If you wear headphones, you can test your ability to control motion sickness. Totally worth a try. While you are at it, also download InMind VR, which is a similar game from the same developer.


  • Fractal Combat X makes you a jet-fighter. You can use your head to fly in a certain direction as your head serves the purpose of a joystick.


  • Roller Coaster VR is exactly as it sounds. It is the roller coaster you would never find in real life, which contains watery pathways, rickety tracks, jumps, and bumps.


  • Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue is an upgraded version of Lamper VR. You are the firefly in the game and your head directs you.


  • Zombie Shooter VR takes you through tunnels, subway cars, and all the other spooky places. If you thought you could have done better while watching ‘The Walking Dead’, this is the game for you.


  • VR Tank Training is an amazing battlefield experience. You have to command the cannon and destroy multiple targets on your way. There’s a leaderboard in the game which allows you to compete against your friends.


  • VR Crazy Swing is certainly not for people who are afraid of height. It swings way around from hundreds of feet of height.


  • Stitchers VR is based on a TV drama. Here, you can become an investigator by adopting the deceased’s memories. You can choose a crime scene.


  • VR Street Jump is a game in which you have to cross the street in between heavy traffic. You can compete with your friends and see who has good situational awareness and fast reaction time.


While everyone is talking about VR in real-world useful applications, VR is games is totally stealing the show. You can de-stress and relax while playing these extraordinary games.