AI in Education: The Future of Teaching 2021

The world is now moving towards a more technology-based era. This time technology drives almost everything. Artificial intelligence or AI is the new technology that is now becoming very important in the technological field. AI certification courses are becoming more popular than ever. Artificial intelligence is already in the mainstream educational system. This is the future of teaching in 2021. Here we briefly discuss the importance and the end of AI education in 2021.

Need of AI in education for futuristic teaching:

Artificial intelligence enables machines, applications, and gadgets to think of their own. This intelligence of devices can be very beneficial for teaching. With the help of this technology, many positive changes can take place in the education system. The primary needs of AI in the education system are,

1. Decrease the teacher shortage: 

AI can be beneficial to decrease the teacher shortage in any region. It can provide remote teachers to remote areas with the help of an AI-based education system.

2. Conducting exam: 

Exams are the evaluation process of students. A proper examination needs a lot of planning. Right from question setting to marking, a lot of hard work is required to conduct an exam. Printing question papers,  distribution of question papers across exam centers all need to be done correctly. And the process of answer sheet checking, evaluation, and final merit list can take a long time. This long, laborious, and costly process of exams can increase the burden on teachers. AI can help a lot to decrease this labor.

However, the artificial intelligence-based examination is a game-changer. AI-based education offers online and remote examination advantages. It is a highly cost-effective, less laborious, and fast process. AI-based assessments do all, from distributing question papers to publishing results. It saves teachers from the extra burden. And also complete the whole examination process in a short time. For this advantage, artificial intelligence expert expect that there will be only online exams in the future.

3. Improve teaching technique:

Ai based education system helps a lot to improve the teaching techniques. Theoretical boring subjects can be more enjoyable. The AI-based education system also enables students to visualize the subject right in front of their eyes. Furthermore, underwater studies, space study, and history can be more interactive with the help of AI. Students can further visualize space, the human body system, volcanoes, or other things. But, this helps to build their concept and have a better understanding of the subjects. Teachers can teach with more practical examples. It tremendously improves the teaching technique.

4. Better evaluation of students: 

AI-based education systems provide better evaluation systems for students. Furthermore, Quiz, questions, or any other short test can take a brief period. It can even help a lot to evaluate students.

5. Personalized learning: 

Every student is different from others. Their understanding level and thought process are unique. The teaching style which can help one student may not help others. So personalized learning can be very beneficial for students. But personalized learning can also be very costly for parents. But an AI-based education system can make this personalized learning cost-effective and affordable. An AI-based personalized learning system based on the requirement of the student. The syllabus design is purely based on the level of the student.

A student with a particular need can be highly beneficial with the AI-based personalized learning system. This education system can significantly contribute to the overall development of the child. And provide the proper child education as per their own need and interest. The global personalized learning market expects to surpass 2 billion dollar market capital by the end of 2024. And this market expects to grow by 29 percent. So this considerable growth indicates the popularity of AI-based learning in the present time.

6.  Teacher training: 

AI-based education systems are not only beneficial for students. It is helpful for teachers as well. It can help a lot to train the new teachers remotely and efficiently.

7. Minimize administrative tasks: 

In schools, teachers need to participate in administrative tasks. The attendance keeping, grading, taking quizzes, and many short works are there. It may seem easy and just a small job, but they are time-taking and need effort. It increases the burden on the teachers. The extra burden is eliminated with the use of AI-based solutions in the education system. The AI-based systems can keep the record of attendance, evaluate the tests, and free teachers from administrative work. Teachers then can focus more on students, solving their queries, and can give them more attention.

8. On-demand learning feature: 

AI-based technology can offer on-demand learning programs to students. They can have 24*7 assistance and chatbots for their queries.

Example of successful AI-based education programs:

The AI-based education system is already vastly in use. It helps a lot in the pandemic situation. And because of this pandemic situation, AI-based learning applications also grow exponentially. The best examples of AI-based learning is,

1. School teaching: Teachers are already taking the help of AI-based education to teach school students in the pandemic. When all the schools get closed, AI-based systems help to continue the study.

2. Online exam: Educational exam or hiring exams, both are now going online.

3. Apps: Brainly, Thinkster Math, Duolingo, Byjus, and many more popular applications are there in the market. They are all vastly used all around the world and are also extremely popular.

All these parameters indicate that AI-based education is the future of education.


As per Artificial intelligence experts, in the future, there will be more AI-based education platforms. And AI developers are working hard to make a more interactive education system. The popularity and growth of AI-based education will continue growing. So it is a good time to do an artificial intelligence certification or AI certification course and develop a promising career. This market is also exploding, and people also like this education system more.

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