Everyday Applications of Artificial Intelligence [Updated 2020]

Of course, it is not hard to think about a future where we will have self-driving cars and artificial intelligence-powered robots, who are even better than humans. However, in between this anticipation, we forget that we are already very close to this reality. Artificial intelligence is not a dream; it is the reality we are living today. So much so that you can find AI inventions in multiple day-to-day activities.

Today, in this article, we are going to discuss these common applications as made by certified artificial intelligence experts.

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  • Everyday Applications of Artificial Intelligence

o AI Predictions
o Ridesharing
o Spam Filters
o Plagiarism Checkers
o Fraud Prevention
o Smart Drones
o Video Games
o Smart Home Device

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From commuting to work to access your email on your phone, you are using the capabilities of artificial intelligence daily. Let’s see how:

Everyday Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is surely expected to achieve the unexpected; in every possible way. Here are some of the everyday applications, which you may have not noticed before.

1. AI Predictions

The most common example is AI prediction. When you are going to a certain location and also using your Google Maps for this purpose, then your Maps give you traffic updates. It can analyze the speed of traffic and you can see it on the Maps marked in different colors. For instance, the high traffic zone appears in red. This is so seamless that you may have not even realized how important this small feature is, isn’t it?

2. Ridesharing

When you are using Uber for traveling, you know the drill. It is straight forward, the cab drops you off at a location and calculates the charges based on the distance.

However, how the ridesharing is assessed?

Have you ever thought about it?

You may have not.

How the cab charges are decided?

How the best possible route is formed?

How the drop time of every passenger is reduced?

Everything mentioned above is achieved with the help of machine learning. In fact, Uber uses machine learning to identify possible routes, optimal pickups, and approximate arrival time for each passenger.

3. Spam Filters

One thing that you may have never anticipated is the presence of artificial intelligence in your inbox. However, you will find it there – more commonly than in any other place. Your inbox is susceptible to multiple spams, which may appear all along the day. The capabilities of artificial intelligence are utilized frequently to filter spam messages for improved security.

In fact, AI consistently learns from old data and upcoming information to improve its spam filtering process.

4. Plagiarism Checkers

Plagiarism is an extremely important concept in the professional world as well as the education industry. We use it like any other common tool today. But, did you know that plagiarism tools draw their energy from machine learning?

A simple algorithm with a similarity function helps in giving a numeric value to the similarity between two documents present on the internet. Here, a brute force is utilized to search each string with every other string of the documents. This helps in finding the similarities between the two documents.

5. Fraud Prevention

Practically, the human mind can’t decipher a fraud as soon as an artificial intelligence machine. This is because AI has the power to understand and analyze a huge amount of data consecutively. Achieving this in itself means being able to predict patterns and understand dissimilarities in functioning. Hence, detecting fraudulent activities in a much easy way.

This is important especially for financial institutions to improve the security structure, thus, improve users’ trust in the organization.

6.  Smart Drones

For a lot of us, the drone is still an amazing technology, which helps us achieve so many tasks. However, soon we will enter the era of smart drones. Big industry giants like Amazon are already working to create smart drone systems for feasible delivery.

In fact, recently China has developed something very similar to track whether individuals are wearing masks or not.

7.  Video Games

Video games adopted AI fairly early. As a result, every game that we play today has a hint of artificial intelligence in it. Take PUBG, for example. The game initially starts with some AI-powered bots and later the game is between actual players. Similar to this, when you are playing a racing game, you are playing with AI bots. Artificial intelligence is now utilized in multiple games.

8. Smart Home Device

What do you think about Alexa or Google Home?

All the home devices are AI-powered. You can ask them to switch off the fan or switch on the lights. These agents are regularly utilized in many homes now.  In fact, we also have smart lights that change color according to multiple factors.


The list is endless. Once you realize that artificial intelligence is ingrained in multiple elements around you, it is hard to ignore this fact. We are very close to a reality where artificial intelligence will improve our working, functioning, and ease of doing any task.

If you also wish to become a part of this revolution, become a certified artificial intelligence expert.