Best Virtual and Augmented Reality Companies in 2020

Augmented reality and virtual reality are two sides of the same coin. While virtual reality changes your vision, augmented reality enhances it. When using virtual reality, you can use a device to stay present in a virtual or artificially designed world. Here, your actual world is replaced with the virtual one. On the other hand, augmented reality enhances your vision. Take Pokemon Go, for example. You can view and analyze objects in your real-world through AR.

Both technologies are now finding their place in personal and professional settings. Some of the companies have really outdone in this landscape and today we are going to discuss these companies.


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  •     Best AR and VR Companies of 2020

o   Microsoft

o   Warby Parker

o   Within

o   VisionX

o   TechSee

o   Carlings

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Below we have discussed 6 virtual reality experts and augmented reality experts. Dive in and understand how these companies are providing great products.

Best AR and VR Companies of 2020

1. Microsoft

Microsoft provides an amazing business tool in the form of HoloLens 2. While HoloLens still had some limitations, the launch of HoloLens 2 in 2019 has given us an enhanced product. It has a double vision when compared to HoloLens and the design is really comfortable. The HoloLens 2 has hand tracking and eye-tracking capabilities to traverse the text and data, which is in front of the user.

2. Warby Parker

Warby Parker has a presence in around 115 stores in various locations. They offer a try-on feature on their mobile app. This allows their customers to try-on 3D glasses to inspect their look in a certain pair of glass.

Amazingly, Warby Parker saw an increase in downloads after they launched their 3D try-on feature for app users.

3. Within

Within is a VR landscape that allows interactive learning for kids. They have developed VR series with cute characters that act in the virtual space in front of the child. However, the child needs to read out loud for the story to move ahead.

This company is also set to launch its fitness VR app, Supernatural.

4. VisionX

VisionX offers VR and AR products to its clients through machine vision. They create applications for their clients to help their customers visualize products. For instance, checking the placement of a lamp in the living room or the bedroom. These apps also allow users to scale, adjust shadow and lighting of space for realistic analysis.  

5. TechSee

TechSee has an amazing feature, Smart Assist. Using this, the users can understand the issues in the malfunctioning devices. The customer needs to use their phone camera to give the off-site engineer or support team a quick look, which is paired with computer vision and AR. The support team can assist the user with the resolution that will be reflected on their phone screen. Many times, the user doesn’t require on-site staff when the situation is not that critical.

6. Carlings

Of course, we think about a future where we would be able to print AR-related artwork on our clothes. When we are just thinking of this change, Carlings has already created a T-shirt. This t-shirt design can be viewed when the user checks it through their Instagram App.


There are multiple other organizations that are offering similar AR and VR inventions. If you are also willing to enter this field, then try completing an AR certification or VR certification. This will offer you the required knowledge through structural course guidance.


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