Prerequisites for an Artificial Intelligence Career

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Artificial Intelligence’?  Robots, chatbots, digital assistants, or self-driving cars? There are many terrifying yet exciting examples of AI, but nothing is frightening about considering AI as a career field. Nine out of ten Americans use AI in some form, and most of us have accepted the idea, making it a viable career option.


A career in artificial intelligence compromises automation, the use of sophisticated computer software and programs, and robotics. It’s all the rage, and there is good money. However, working in the industry requires specific education based on technology, logic, mathematics, engineering, and verbal and written communication skills. AI is here to stay, and artificial intelligence developers are one of the most prominent job roles in the AI industry today.


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If you are interested in having a career in artificial intelligence, this blog is for you, and here we describe the skills you need to acquire.


What is Artificial Intelligence?


Artificial Intelligence is a technology that tries to make machines think the way the human brain does. The goals of AI are to speed up processes carried out by humans, recognize patterns, and make decisions outsmarting human brains through learning and memory. The machines are built in an attempt to think and reason rather than work on pre-defined procedures. AI systems are smart because they recognize patterns and learn from past events making each subsequent decision smarter. It is a paradigm shift in modern computing, and an in-depth logical and scientific approach is required. AI is all over the place, from speech recognition and translation services to spam blockers, plagiarism checkers, and autopilot systems. AI, sometimes referred to as machine intelligence, is a field in computer science and is believed to be a more significant revolution than the internet revolution.>


Career in AI


An artificial intelligence expert is required in many companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, etc. The industry is proliferating, and so is the salary of a Certified Artificial Intelligence Developer. AI is getting more traction due to headline-making recent innovations, but it has always been a sound career choice because of its adoption across industries. AI can create up to 2.3 million jobs by 2020 in every industry, from transportation to entertainment. This means there is a great need for skilled and qualified professionals. An artificial intelligence certification can open doors to the following professions:


  • Algorithm specialists
  • Computer engineers
  • Software developers
  • Graphic designers
  • Technical professors
  • Research scientists and so on




AI professionals require analytical thought processes and practical, cost-effective problem-solving ability. AI specialists need technical skills, along with excellent communication and foresight about technological innovations. An AI certification can serve as a road-map for a professional. 


  • Technical


More than being a pro in coding, having a knack of coding is an essential skill for an AI engineer. Some of the crucial programming languages are C++, Java, Python, etc. This develops an understanding of data structures and classes. Knowing more than one programming language adds to the required multiple-skill set.


To understand machine learning algorithms and functions, one needs to understand linear algebra, calculus, and statistics. Mean, standard deviation, and Gaussian distributions are coming up a lot. One needs to be familiar with matrices, vectors, matrix multiplication, Naive Bayes, and understanding of integrals is advisable.


One of the critical sub-fields of artificial intelligence is Natural Language Processing, which enables computers to process and understand human languages. NLP is a combination of linguistics and computer science that allows one to work with audio, video, and text. It is essential to have a knowledge of libraries like Gensim and NLTK along with techniques of sentiment analysis and word2vec.


Machine learning comes into play when tasks get too involved or complicated for humans. The functions that are too impractical to be comprehended by the human brain can be carried out by neural networks such as image classification, translation, and speech recognition.


If you are targeting a career in AI, experiment with technologies like MySQL, PHP, Big Data, and more. The job requirements can range from Python or MatLab to Spark and Blockchain.


  • Non-Technical


To become a successful AI engineer, it is vital to know in the non-technical field because you need to explain critical events to stakeholders and individuals with no technical know-how. Thus, having excellent communication skills is very important. It will prove beneficial to know the industry scenario as it will help professionals understand the pain points and real-world situations of the industry. Critical thinking is needed to jump to insightful conclusions.

For those in love with math and science, AI is a naturally good fit. It is a highly technical and easily overwhelming field. So, living a naturally-curious life and staying determined is the way to go. Lastly, AI is about pushing boundaries and inventing new ways to live. Thus, if you can push the envelope, you are welcome.


Future of AI


The pace of development makes it difficult to forecast the future. With so much innovation coming in, it’s not possible to imagine what will develop next. The demand for professionals with in-and-out knowledge of growing technologies with hands-on experience is increasing. Machines have taken over monotonous jobs and automobiles are a prime example. Artificial intelligence is not a fad, but it is here to stay from consumer technology to aerospace defense.




The industry requires a skilled workforce to use more and more of AI power around the world. There is a chance to make a lot of money and help change the world if you get in early. Many professionals are looking to upgrade themselves, and there is a range of AI certificate programs available to fetch you the desired results.