Top 5 Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence in the Transportation Industry

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is one of the most emerging technologies of today’s era, and it is more accessible than ever. The technology has come a long way and has transformed how the transportation industry used to function. The industry has gone through extensive studies, researches, and trials, making remarkable achievements in the transportation area.


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AI has the potential that is yet to discover, but it is guaranteed to be beneficial to every sector, including healthcare, finance, eCommerce, businesses, and a lot more than that. Therefore it becomes crucial to learn and discover this technology. Due to the high demand for AI professionals, various prestigious platforms offer AI certification training courses to make you industry-ready.


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Artificial intelligence in Transportation 


Artificial Intelligence has a deep impact on our daily lives, and we are so used to this technology that sometimes we take this technology for granted. If you declare yourself to be a beginner to AI, let me tell you if you have an Alexa device at your home or using voice assistants for shopping, you have already entered into an era of artificial intelligence.

Coming back to the transportation sector again, we cannot deny that this industry is prone to safety, efficiency, traffic management issues, and much more.


But thanks to AI for taking the transportation industry to the whole new next level as technological advancements have led to


  • Enhanced safety by

Reducing unexpected accidents with the introduction of self-driving cars

Monitoring driver activities while driving


  • Reduced traffic by

Predicting and analyzing traffic conditions

Determining delays


  • Lowered financial expenses by

eliminating the need to hire a driver. 


Top 5 Use Cases in the Transportation Industry


Self-Driving Cars


With the introduction to driverless vehicles, AI has proved its potential to the whole world. Daydreaming cars are finally running on roads that are expected to reduce the cost of taxi services. Tokyo has already started up with autonomous vehicles, but for the safer side, the driver still sits in the car to avoid any risk.


These cars have the ability for real-time data transmission and processing, making autonomous vehicles completely safe.


Dealing with Traffic Management


Traffic Management is another way in which AI is revolutionizing the transport industry. AI is making roads smarter with its processing, controlling, and optimization capabilities, where it is capable of monitoring and analyzing physical and environmental conditions as well.


Furthermore, integrating AI with IoT-based high-resolution cameras and cloud helps in diagnosing congestion, road blockages, thus reducing the wait times at traffic signals.


Reducing Travelers Waiting Time


Today almost every air transport is facing flight delays due to the number of reasons, and due to these unexpected delays, according to the report, the estimated costs are 39 billion dollars in the United States.


But with the help of computer vision systems and continuous monitoring of the airplanes, AI is enhancing user’s travelling experience by updating about the delayed or cancelled flights, thus enabling customers to plan their schedule accordingly and avoid facing unexpected waiting times. Real-time aeroplane data is what AI brings for the transportation industry.


Driver Assist


Does your car make that ‘beep’ sound when you forget to wear your seat belt? Again we should be thankful to AI for saving our lives by warning us.


From analyzing and monitoring traffic to assisting drivers in protecting against unexpected risks, AI has covered a lot of distance. AI-enabled sensors warn drivers to avoid accidents and generate an alarm if the driver seems to be inactive or sleepy.

AI safety features like cross-traffic detectors, emergency braking, and blind-spot monitoring are the other ways in which AI is making driving sessions completely safe.


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Flying Drone Taxis


As Amazon is thinking of bringing the drone technology for delivery purposes, with AI-enabled flying taxis, one can avoid traffic, reach the destination in no time. Don’t you think commuting will be too entertaining with drone taxis?


Pilotless helicopters offer unique solutions to combat carbon emissions, put an end to traffic congestion, and reduce the need for costly infrastructure development plans.


Apart from the above-mentioned uses cases, AI is not restricted in forecasting vehicle maintenance by smart dashboards and sensors and routing plan smartly.


Final Words


AI is getting more intelligent and smart every passing day. The technology is acquiring a new space in our lives, making tasks easier and simpler. AI is becoming more like a futuristic approach as it has endless job opportunities for all career seekers. Till now, we have just scratched the surface of it, and a lot more is yet to explore.


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