Guide on How to Start Your Data Science Journey

Are you new to data science? But want to become a data scientist? If the answer to this question is yes, then this article will help you in guiding how to start your data science journey.


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  • Introduction
  • In-Depth Knowledge Required To Showcase Your Skills
  • Professional development in data science
  • How to achieve success in data science
  • Conclusion




Data science is a field that encompasses data analysis, predictive analytics, business intelligence, and much more, with the primary purpose of obtaining useful insights that are beneficial for organizations and industries.

It is one of the most discussed technologies of the 21st century useful for better decision-making, predictive analysis, and pattern discovery to find out if there is any hidden information in the data.


When it comes to adoption, the majority of the businesses and industries have already adopted this technology to improve what they do and how they do. There are virtually no industries that cannot be benefited from this benefit from this. Due to its rising scope, many platforms are offering data science certification courses and training sessions for a rewarding career. If you want to be a data science developer, check out Global Tech Council.


In-Depth Knowledge Required To Showcase Your Skills 


Learning data science without professionals can be very promising, especially when you are entirely new in this domain. If you want to become a successful data scientist, there are certain sets of skills you need to master. A few of them are mentioned below.


Basics of Statistics and Probability 


Estimations and predictions are the basis of data science, and the theory of probability helps make predictions. The role of data scientists evolves around analyzing and interpreting data through statistical methods.


Technical and Programming Skills


If you are one of those techie enthusiasts, you have already heard about the scope of programming language- Python and its data science libraries. You don’t need to be a coder in multiple languages, but strong hands-on experience in any one of the programming language is mandatory.

Developing technical skills like relational databases and SQL, experience in MATLAB, in-depth practical knowledge of deep-learning frameworks, AI frameworks, with profound knowledge on NLP will help you to achieve your goals in this domain.


Learning AI and ML


ML is a subset of AI, and if you think you can handle large sets of data without understanding machine learning and artificial intelligence, you have developed wrong thinking. ML techniques like supervised learning, decision trees, and others, help data scientists to solve complex problems based on predictions. For carrying data analysis, processing, visualizing, and modelling in data science projects, in-depth knowledge of machine learning libraries is essential.


A mixup of Soft Skills and Practical Skills


A good data scientist is one who has profound technical knowledge along with soft skills and practical skills to deliver a successful project as per the need of the organization. Strong planning and organizational skills, analytical skills, excellent presentation skills, and ability to design rich data visualizations and dashboards are the practical skills that data scientist possesses. Apart from that, soft skills like excellent communication skills will be an add-on.


Professional Development in Data Science


Data Science opens a wide range of opportunities for all those who want to give an excellent start to their career. Be it a beginner or a person seeking a job change; this technology has an endless chance for all. If you are motivated to take your career in this direction, here is a list of career paths you can choose from. You can be:


  • Data Scientist 
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Architect 
  • Data Analyst
  • BI Analyst


Despite its popularity, businesses and organizations are facing a single issue, and that is the unavailability of data science professionals.

So now, the next concern is from where to start and what will be better- to pursue a degree in this domain or to just enrol in one of the best online certification courses in data science? Let’s figure out everything?


How to Achieve Success in Data Science


If you have already decided to take your career in data science domain, you might be looking for ways how to become a data scientist. In the initial stage, things may seem to be complicated and challenging, but with the right education and certification courses, you can achieve success in your career path.

Scoring certifications is the best way to invest your time and money in developing your skills in this field. </span


Various prestigious platforms offer data science certification courses. One such platform is the Global Tech Council that imparts in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge, thus opening a world of possibilities with broad career prospects for learners.


If you really want to showcase your skills in the challenging world, enrol yourself today.




From the newly-coined term to sought-after disciplines, data science has covered a lot of distance in a professional world and the field is booming at an alarming rate. From finance and healthcare through insurance and agriculture, every organization needs profound knowledge of data science skills. According to IBM, 2020 will be a year of data science where the demand for data scientists will increase by 28%. But challenges in finding the right professionals is still a concern.


Want to become a Data Science developer? Why wait, enrol in the best online certification courses and become a data science expert. Check out more at Global Tech Council.